After a loved one’s death, you may have to decide whether you want a cremation or traditional funerals before you call funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ. Cremations have become popular over the years and fewer people are choosing traditional funerals. Sometimes choosing between the two options may be determined by religion or tradition, but other people‘s decisions are determined by other factors. Here are other reasons why people choose cremation over a traditional funeral.

Cremations cost less than traditional funerals

Cremations are affordable because there is no embalmment and coffins involved. The cremations can happen a few hours after the funeral home receives your loved one. But some funeral homes allow for viewing and memorial services before the body is cremated. You may also hold the memorial service days or weeks after cremation. Cremations can cost as little as $800.

Custom Funerals Are Becoming Popular

The number of people choosing to bid farewell to their loved ones in unique ways is increasing. Some choose to celebrate the life of their dead loved ones instead of participating in religious or traditional rituals that are often carried out in traditional funerals. People are choosing to hold memorial services in locations where their deceased relative loved going to. That includes locations such as restaurants, beaches, skating rinks, stores, and other locations. People choose cremation because it makes it easier for them to scatter ashes in places such as over reefs, in their backyards, under certain trees, and more.

Why People Choose Cremation Over Traditional Funeral 300x199People Have Become More Mobile

Since people are more likely to move to other towns, cities, or states after burying their dead, maintaining a gravesite for years may be impractical. So, cremation allows family members to have more than one gravesite if they live in different locations. They can also keep the ashes in an urn for easy transportation when they are moving.

Environmental Consciousness

People who want to protect the environment are more likely to choose cremation. Its true cremation requires a lot of energy and releases carbon emissions, but it’s less damaging to the environment compared to embalming chemicals that may have a bigger impact on the environment. Even wooden caskets may not be safe for the environment because they are treated to make them last as long as possible.

Why People Choose Traditional Burials

People often choose traditional funerals because they are often considered the default type of funeral. Traditional funerals include a burial service and lowering a casket into a grave. Burials may also be preferable for religious people that consider a burial as a type of religious ceremony. Some people want a burial because it allows them to mourn more meaningfully.

Talk to your funeral director when you come to us for funeral and cremation services in Phoenix, AZ if you are not sure which type of funeral is appropriate for your loved one. Our professional staff not only offers professional care for your loved one but can also help you arrange for the transportation of your local guests and visitors that live out of town.

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