Holidays give families an opportunity to come together to celebrate and catch up, especially if they have been away from each other for an extended period of time. But you may start dreading holidays if you know that a loved one wouldn’t be there anymore, meaning that the songs, dances, and parties will never be the same again. Funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ often provide resources for counseling or grief support, but it takes a while for you to get used to looking at your loved one’s empty chair every holiday. Here are ways to manage grief during the holidays.

Share Good Memories Of Your Loved One

The dread you feel for the holidays could be a sign that you are still grieving your loved one. You can display old photo albums inaccessible areas for holiday visitors. The album could lead to visitors sharing stories about their experiences with the deceased. You can also have everyone watch happy videos of your loved one. Expect laughter and tears as they look at the photos and watch the videos.

You May Need To Change The Holiday Tradition

If it was your loved one’s responsibility to curve the turkey or cut the cake every holiday, you could change the tradition by letting other members of the family do it. You can also change the location where you hold your event or parties so that you are not reminded of your loved one’s absence everywhere you turn. If you and your loved one were the hosts, you can let someone else host the party or event next holiday so that you can enjoy yourself.

Buy A Remembrance Ornament

If you have a piece of cremation jewelry, wear it every holiday to make you feel like your loved one is there with you. You can also have an ornament made that you can wear or place somewhere in the room to remind you that your loved one’s spirit is with you and that you are not alone. T-shirts and other ornaments that depict your loved one’s favorite sports team or movies can also serve this purpose.

How To Manage Grief During The Holidays 200x300Turn Their Clothing Into A New Thing

You can turn their clothing into pillows or reusable gift bags to honor the memory of your loved one. Another great idea is to use their clothing to make a unique work of art that you can display on the wall during the holidays. Old clothing can be used to make stuffed animals, make quilts, and aprons. Doing this is a better idea than throwing them in the dumpster. If you are not artsy, you can always give away the clothes to close relatives that will cherish them.

Let Yourself Feel Sad

You are not always going to be able to flee the range of emotions that come to the surface when going through different holiday activities that remind you of your dead loved one. Allow yourself to feel the sadness or the sense of loss, but don’t let these feelings stop you from experiencing happiness or joy.

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