The holiday season is not easy, especially when it comes to a few months or weeks after you lost a loved one. While the grief counseling resources provided by funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ can help you, the holiday season can bring back memories of the good times you spent with your loved one. You may feel that something is missing. Here are ways you can honor your loved one during this holiday season.

Visit A Sentimental Place

During the holidays, visit a sentimental place where you and your loved one spent time together. It could be any spot that not only reminds you of the good times but also helps relieve the stress you feel. It doesn’t have to be overseas or somewhere far away from your home, it could be a bench in your backyard or a favorite table at a café. These places serve as a reminder of the happy moments you spent with your loved one.

Donate To A Charity

You can honor your loved one by maintaining their tradition of donating to charities every holiday season. You can donate an item with their name to a church, orphanage, and other charities. If you have no item to donate, just donate money or food to an organization your loved one supported. You can also volunteer your time and service to a temple, church, temple, or other if you prefer.

Hang Their Stocking This Christmas

Not being able to hang your loved one’s stocking can be painful. But you can still do it and fill it with messages of love, prayers, and stories. With that stocking hanging there, the feeling that something is missing will not be that strong. You can retrieve the notes from the stockings and read them out loud to every family member.

Ideas For Remembering A Deceased Loved One This Holiday 300x200Hang Their Favorite Ornament On The Christmas Tree

The ornament could be jewelry, a collectible, or the Christmas item your loved one often placed on the tree. But you can also purchase a new item that you feel reminds you of your loved one and hang it on the tree. You can also ask family members to create Christmas ornaments that remind them of the deceased loved one and hang them on the tree.

Grief May Not Go Away But It Gets Better

Grief never fully goes away, especially if the person you lost was really close to you. But that painful sting of grief gets numb as time passes. Holidays without your loved one get easier as the years pass. For this to happen, you have to confront the grief by allowing yourself to feel the pain and talking to people about how you feel. You should not allow the grief to consume you by spending time doing your favorite things such as reading, knitting, running, and more.

Our team not only works to provide you with quality funeral and cremation services in Phoenix, AZ but also offers grief counseling resources. We will help with all funeral arrangements including managing transportation for locals and out-of-town guests.

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