Once your loved one has passed on and the cremation services in Phoenix, AZ, are completed, they may have requested a burial. This might feel confusing because burial and cremation are generally not discussed together, so understanding all of your options is essential. There are several ways an individual can be buried with this process, so here’s more information.

Cemetery Plot

In a traditional funeral with a burial, they place the casket in a plot, but the same rule can apply to cremated remains. A standard size cemetery plot is meant to house a full casket, so this can be a great option if you have multiple individuals who want to be buried in the same place because it will ensure enough space for everyone. In addition, if you are considering purchasing a plot, you will also need to buy a vault liner which is in place to help prevent the ground from caving in onto the remains in the plot.

Private Property

If the individual had a piece of property or a designated spot on a loved one’s amount of property, this could be another option of an area that could be utilized to lay them to rest. Because the private property can have some extra value to them because of what they represent, this can be a very personal and rewarding option to choose.

Urn Garden

The urn garden is inside the cemetery, and it’s a designated area specifically for cremated remains. The property sections are landscaped with decorative items like rocks, and the urns are placed around the area on display.


A columbarium is an above-ground structure similar to a large wall with individual containers built into it that are the size of a standard urn. This structure is only for urns, although multiple family members have been laid to rest together in some cases. Once the individual’s remains are inside the space, a bronze plaque is placed on the outside that marks who is housed there.

Cremation Burial OptionsOceans or Parks

If the individual has requested a burial at sea, you will need to either scatter the ashes or purchase a biodegradable urn that will break down quickly in the water and disperse the remains. The other choice is to scatter the ashes in a National Park, but it’s recommended to check with local agencies to see if any EPA regulations need to be upheld for legal dispersal.

A Company Who Cares for Their Community

Cremation Services in Phoenix, AZ, is just one method of laying a loved one to rest and genuinely honoring them. The details at the event are essential so make sure you are making your decisions based upon what the loved one would have wanted while at the same time what works for your situation. Having an experienced and professional company by your side through the process can make all the difference, and we are here to help. We offer multiple services, and we would love to help get you started, so give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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