No one is ever ready for their loved one to pass away, so if you are looking for cremation services in Phoenix, AZ, then you may be wondering what your next steps are. It is never a simple process and having some extra help will help you make the right decision.

Where do You Start?

One of the first steps you will want to consider is how the individual will be transported. If they passed away in a health care facility, there is a particular set of procedures that will be followed. in some cases, there will need to be an autopsy by the state, which will have to be authorized by a family member.

Another step in the process is to complete any records or permits, such as an announcement or registration of the death, and the Funeral Home can achieve these.

The process will always let anyone know who wants to or deserves to know about the person passing. This can be a challenging situation depending on the circumstances and the individual you’re speaking to. And it’s also good to notify individuals such as:

  • the deceased’s doctor
  • any religious groups they were a part of
  • if they had an employer
  • any credit card companies or utility providers
  • if they paid child support, let those organizations know
  • or any place they had a membership to, such as a club or a gym

Planning the Service

This process can start with picking a location and when the services will be held. This is followed up by sending out any invitations and planning if there will be a reception or food offered to the attendees. You will need to decide if someone would like to give a eulogy or if this is a simpler gathering than something easier like just playing some music and doing a reading might be more appropriate.

There are other options like having a celebration of life which consists of more of an uplifting experience. This can involve things like photographs, funny stories, or anything else that might feel appropriate to celebrate the individual’s memory.

You will also need to create a death announcement depending on the individual; this allows for people to be notified of the person passing and will consist of different information.

  • The individual’s date of birth and name.
  • Location and time of the services.
  • Individual’s place of birth if applicable.

Helping You Through the Steps

Even in the best of circumstances, the loved ones passing can be a painful and confusing time. If you’ve never had to plan a cremation service in Phoenix, AZ, you might be wondering what your first steps are. Or, if you’re taking an alternate option and looking at burial options there can be many questions that you might have that you need to be answered. The compassionate and experienced individuals at Thompson Funeral Chapel understand what it takes to create a unique service that will honor your loved one and help make the process easier for you. We are here to help, so give us a call today and guide you through the process.

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