Funeral planning is not something most people do on a regular basis even in the best of situations. However, in many cases, the individual’s loss is unexpected, which leaves the family and friends to decide what steps to take to arrange an appropriate cremation service or funeral home service in Phoenix, AZ.

Regardless of what your position is to the deceased, there are only a few steps you can take to save yourself time, stress, and money when setting up a funeral service. The first choice is to decide what kind of service you or your loved ones want for the deceased. Funerals are held in an appointed location such as a church or at a funeral home. These can consist of graveside presentations or having the body in a casket for open viewing so the family and friends can show their condolences. Cremation services can be held with either an open or private matter, so you can choose which event is appropriate for your loved one.

The services can all have readings or music and can be followed by a reception for the family and friends to express their sadness and grief. Picking an experienced officiant who will lead the service is another choice to make. They can deliver a eulogy, and do the opening and closing ceremony.

The events that take place at the funeral can consist of:

  •  viewing time
  •  personalized décor for the deceased
  •  religious or service elements
  •  or a formal mourning period

Other Extra Choices for Planning a Funeral

Having a photo of the deceased is another option, so using old photos or requesting a display from your funeral home can also be a choice. Floral arrangements are a popular choice for décor, but a growing trend is to donate instead of a local charity. A guest book is one of the things you will keep after the service, and it allows people to write their thoughts and feelings about the deceased. You can also request the officiant to do the service, including the music, introduction, slideshow if applicable, and the closing service.

Receptions are an excellent choice because they help people to connect and allows time for individuals to grieve. The reception can be as lavish as you choose, and it is not uncommon to ask others to do a potluck-style presentation. There does not need to be specific events at the reception: it is just a way to help individuals gather to express their emotions. The last decision is what you will choose to do with the body. The funeral home will offer burial and cremation services, but some people are making other choices like donating the body to science.

Knowing your options will help you, and the experienced individuals at Thompson Funeral Chapel want to ease your stress around your choice of a cremation service or a funeral home service in Phoenix, AZ. Let our compassionate guidance help you make the right decisions as we go through the options with you and your family.

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