Whether you are planning cremation or Funeral services in Phoenix, AZ., you will want to ensure they get a proper burial. And part of that process is choosing a headstone that identifies their resting place for family and friends for generations to come. Gravestone choices have expanded over the years, including the family’s personalization. They are a way to locate a loved one, and it is not uncommon to find items left behind at them, such as flowers or trinkets.

A starting place is to go to your local cemetery and look at what headstones are already there. Things that will need to be considered are the shape, artwork, size, color, and the text that is applied to it, like offering words of remembrance. If you find one that you like it is a good idea to take a picture to show the company that makes them.

To find our search can start with an article similar to this one explaining your options. The other option is to look up monument or headstone dealers online. Buying one online is another option, and it can be directly shipped to the cemetery; not only can this be cheaper, but you might get more choices. You can ask someone that has experience with them because they may know the best place to look.

What Information Do I Need to Provide the Dealer?

The individual who will be making the headstone needs to know certain things to make it successful. there are several kinds of information to bring with you such as:

  • what size of stone do you want
  • knowing the cemetery size
  • what shape you’re looking for
  • what kind of artwork or text would you like
  • knowing the size of the plot
  • understanding the setting fees for the cemetery
  • do you have a budget
  • what kind of person is this headstone for
  • understand that there might be some restrictions with facilities placement

And with the cost of headstones ranging from $1500 to $8000, you will want to make sure that you know your budget and understand what your needs are to find what will fit you. in many cases. The purchase will incur additional costs, such as a foundation fee associated with creating the concrete. The letters are sandblasted into the concrete; those can cost between $4 and $8 each. There’s usually an installation fee and an annual cleaning fee.

Getting a Headstone Marker that Represents Your Loved One’s Legacy

After the cremation or funeral service in Phoenix, AZ., take care to ensure that any paperwork or forms are completed because the cemeteries need to be informed of the headstone’s arrival. Thompson Funeral Chapel understands how complicated it can be to combine these situations with the family and friends’ emotional state and planning details. We want you to know that we are here to serve you and support you through this process so you can create a headstone that preserves your loved one’s life memorably and beautifully.

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