When you were looking for a funeral home in Phoenix, AZ, and you put the individual to rest, you might wonder what happens when the body is embalmed. Embalming is for prolonging the deceased’s body for a private or public viewing at the service.

What Kinds of Embalming Are There?

Two different variations can be done, and one of these is called arterial. This entails removing the blood from the body and replacing it with the solution through the individuals’ arteries. So as the embalming fluid is entering the individual’s body, the blood is being pushed out.

The second option is called cavity embalming. This process is done when a small incision is made close to the belly button, and an instrument called a trocar is used to puncture the abdomen, which is drained of gas and fluid and then replaced with the chemical mixture.

What are some Laws around Embalming?

Some state laws require embalming depending on where you live. There is currently no law that requires embalming for each death then will be contingent on if the body is not cremated or buried in a specific time frame.

There are advantages to embalming, such as preservation. It offers closure for friends or family and promotes restoration of the diseased. The drawbacks to it can be that some religions don’t allow it, it’s not environmentally friendly, it is listed as a potential carcinogen, and it is expensive.

Why Would You Embalm Someone?

  • There is a public viewing.
  • You want to slow down decomposition.
  • The deceased requested it,
  • The Funeral Home may not have a refrigeration source
  • The fluids will enhance the dead’s pigment, so their coloration looks more natural.

Why You Would Not Embalm

  • You have no viewing scheduled.
  • There is a direct cremation planned.
  • If there’s a direct burial planned.
  • The body is refrigerated.
  • There are no state laws that require it.

Steps for Embalming

  1. The embalmer washes the body, including the mouth, and massages arms and legs to relieve rigor mortis.
  2. The body is placed on the embalming table, and the mouth is sound shut.
  3. They inject the body with the fluids
  4. Any incisions are sewn up
  5. The body gets a final bath, and then the deceased is dressed and cared for.

What Happens When A Body is Embalmed 300x185Other Considerations

An embalmed body can state preserved for many years, but it’s not recommended because the decomposition will happen over time. The organs are not removed, the process takes around 2 hours, and it can cost anywhere from $500 to $700.

We are Here for You

Losing a loved one is never an easy process, so if you must plan a cremation service you want a company you know you can trust. Thompson Funeral Chapel understands the intricate processes of planning service at a funeral home in Phoenix, AZ, and want you to know we are here for you. Give us a call today, and we’ll help you through the steps with compassionate care.

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