Going through the loss process is a hard enough experience to have to endure. However, in the situation where the individual had no planning to help pay for the event, this can create an even more significant amount of hardship and stress for everyone involved after looking at funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ. It might feel confusing or overwhelming to figure out how to pay for all the services while going through the motions of life without your loved one. There are some ways they can be utilized to help cover the costs of the expenses, and here they are:

Traditional Savings

In one scenario, the individual may have already had a savings account built up with money in it that can be utilized to pay for all the costs. Depending on who has access to the account, it could be easy to access the funds to help with the bill.

Trust Funds

In some cases, the deceased may have had trust funds set up for individuals in the family or people they knew. This is another option that can come to help fund the funeral expenses.

Life Insurance

In a best-case scenario, the person may have carried a life insurance policy that may have enough coverage to pay for the event. And in the situation that the funds are not going to be released right away, funeral companies may work with outside agencies that can help establish a loan based on the amount of coverage the policy has until the funds are released.

Prepaid Contracts

Some funeral homes will carry contracts that can be prepaid over a specific amount of time, such as ten or even 30 years.

Community Funding

There are multiple platforms on the Internet available now that are crowdfunding sources. These companies allow individuals to make outside contributions to different causes that have been listed. In addition, it can be beneficial to check with any local churches or nonprofit organizations because they may have an allotted allowance that can go specifically towards helping with funeral expenses.

Federal Agencies

One more option to consider is if the deceased met specific requirements with federal agencies. The Social Security Administration and Veterans Administration can offer a one-time death benefit if the individual falls into the appropriate category to qualify.

Quality You Can Depend On 

Finding the funding to help pay for a loved one’s funeral expenses can be incredibly confusing or frustrating, especially if there’s none set in place. It can be beneficial to find a company that understands all the processes when looking at funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ. Thompson Funeral Chapel is a full service facility with multiple options available to meet our client’s needs. The business has been open since 1957, and our staff takes great pride in offering the highest quality customer service on the market. If you or someone you know needs to schedule services or have any questions, feel free to give us a call today.

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