Funeral and cremation services may bring up feelings of discomfort for some people. If you need to attend one of these events, be aware that it’s normal to feel a sense of grief. These events can widely vary depending on who’s organizing them and the individual who passed away. Understanding the appropriate attire to wear at one of these events can be a huge benefit. Here is more information on what to wear when you go to a service.

What is Normal?

Funerals and cremations can come in all different forms, and vary on what will take place. The kind of clothing you choose makes a difference because the last thing you want to do is show up wearing something that puts all the attention on you. In a traditional service, attendees will wear darker-colored clothing and dress more conservatively.

Other events might have cultural or religious values and traditions that need to be upheld, and expressed through clothing. In some cases, the organizer may have chosen a “Celebration of Life” event, and since these are more joyful and lighthearted, the dress could be jeans and a sweatshirt. In addition, some have thrown themed services where individuals can dress in costumes or specific colors. As you can see there could be a wide variety of options so you want to make sure you have a better understanding of what’s required before proceeding.

Men’s Clothing

When it comes to traditional funeral services, picking out the proper clothing for men, you always want to go with darker colors, and here are a few clothing selections.

  • suit and tie
  • dress slacks with a button-up shirt
  • dress shoes (avoid wearing sneakers or sandals)

Women’s Clothing

There are a few different options for women’s clothing, and the same rule applies to wearing darker hues.

  • skirt with blouse or sweater
  • pantsuit
  • dress slacks with a blouse
  • flats or pumps (we recommend avoiding open-toed shoes or sandals)

Children’s Dress and Other Considerations

If you bring children to the event, the concept is the same. You want to pick clothing appropriate to wear to a professional event or what an individual might wear to church. In addition, you want to make sure that you are avoiding any brightly colored clothing or items that have loud graphics on them to maintain the focus on the services.

It’s always a good idea to check with the organizer if you have any questions about what is appropriate to wear because they can give you a better idea to dress confidently.

Helping You Through the Process

Attending a funeral or cremation services in Phoenix, AZ, can stir up a lot of emotions, so you want to make sure that you blend in with the others there. Thompson Funeral Chapel understands all the intricacies of creating an event that will truly honor our clients loved ones. We have taken great pride in caring for our community since 1957 and would love to help you if you need to start planning. If you’d like more information or to schedule an appointment, contact us today.

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