The average funeral in the United States costs about $7,000. In truth, expenses can often run into much higher figures than that, climbing into the $10,000 range. Failure to understand the various funeral expenses can leave devastating consequences on families who are unprepared, many of which can hardly afford such a financial setback. It’s crucial that you get an idea about the various funeral expenses before you put plans in motion to have a service. Be sure you aren’t caught off guard and scrambling after a death! Thankfully, with some preparation, and by talking to the Buckeye, AZ funeral homes you’re thinking about doing business with, you’ll be able to understand the various funerary services and expenses, and in so doing, make a plan that is most sensible for your family’s budget. 

Aside from administrative expenses, the other costs of a funeral will vary depending on the kind of service you want. If you’re keen on a direct cremation, where the body is cremated before a funeral or memorial service takes place, the only price you would need to pay is for the cremation itself. This service costs about $1,000. 

On the other hand, if you’re looking for the comfort of a more substantial funeral service, there are some other expenses involved. If you want to have a traditional funeral ceremony, with visitations and a viewing of the body, you’ll need to pay embalming fees to preserve it, as well as the cost of the ceremony itself. 

If you wish to have a cremation after a traditional funeral service, you can save on the costs of a casket by renting instead of buying one. However, if you plan for a burial, the casket obviously becomes a necessity to contain the remains of the deceased. A burial also requires the purchase of a plot, a grave liner, and a tombstone to mark the grave. These expenses can be avoided if you decide to have a cremation after a traditional funeral service. 

Because the various expenses come together to form the final “product” of a funeral, so to speak, you should always be sure that you’re ready to take on all of these different fees. Contacting a funeral home can help you come to terms with a financial plan that is responsive to your family’s needs. 

If you have any questions about the expenses of a funeral or how you can prepare for them, please don’t hesitate to contact Sean and Cynthia Thompson of the Thompson Funeral Chapel. With decades of experience as funeral directors, they will be able to answer your questions about expenses, give you a transparent list of the services you may or may not want, and help you to make an appropriate financial plan for a funeral. You can reach them by calling them at (623) 932-1780. The Thompson Funeral Chapel is located at 926 S Litchfield Rd, Goodyear, AZ 85338. Its associated crematory, Simply Cremation, can be found at 16952 W Bell Rd #303, Surprise, AZ 85374. 

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