With all the costs that can come with laying a loved one to rest, how to pay for the funeral or cremation services in Phoenix, AZ can be confusing. It is not uncommon for a funeral home or crematory to need the money upfront before holding the services, so you should have a plan in place to cover these costs. What you choose for specific details around the event can alter how much the end product will be, so keep that in mind as you are planning. Here are some ways you can pay for a service:

Life Insurance Options

In some cases, the individual may have had a life insurance policy, and these can be applied once the individual has passed away. Because it can take some time to receive the funds from the plan, some funeral homes will work directly with agencies that can access the project’s total value and gain access to the funds sooner.

Crowd Funding

Platforms like GoFundMe have become a popular option for individuals to utilize because they offer communities and outside individuals the opportunity to make donations to different causes. This option helps the family or individual and provides a way for others to show support when otherwise they may not have the know-how.


Another option that an can be used is credit cards. In addition, taking out a loan can be another choice that can be helpful and preferred over credit cards simply due to higher interest rates.


Ideally, the services would have already been paid for, and the individual would not be looking for means to cover the costs, so there are a few options when it comes to preplanning. One of these choices is to save up the money over time with a savings account.

Some companies on the market offer a savings plan that can be paid in up to 30 years for any services. There are also funeral homes that may make prepayments to build up enough money that can act as a cushion for the event’s costs.
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Other Considerations

Depending on the individual, there are outside agencies that can offer some form of support. The Veterans Administration offers a one-time donation that can be utilized towards the services. Some local agencies and charities may also have funding in place specifically for those with no other options to pay for the services.

A Trusted Source for Families

Understanding the methods on the market to help pay for services can be highly beneficial to reduce stress and make the process easier. Thompson Funeral Chapel specializes in multiple services from preplanning to cremation services in Phoenix, AZ. We have been in business since 1957 with a focus on providing our local communities compassionate care and support. If you have recently lost a loved one and need services, contact us today, and we will help you get started with the planning process to truly honor your loved one.

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