Some people prefer using the generic eulogies offered by funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ. But you can honor your deceased loved one by writing a heartfelt eulogy. Expressing your emotions seems challenging but all you need are writing strategies that can make the whole task easier. Here are eulogy writing tips you can use.

Make It Short And Authentic

A long eulogy that seems to go on forever is harder to edit and is not often memorable. Instead, make it short but use powerful words that express your emotions and the emotions of the family of the deceased. Make it sweet and short so that guests and family attending the funeral will be placated. A shorter eulogy is easier to edit and read. If you are not sure about how to structure the eulogy, you can look at the outlines available online.

Humor Is Always A Good Idea

Everyone at a funeral is somber and devastated but starting your eulogy with humor is not inappropriate. Humor breaks the tension caused by sadness, which makes mourners more receptive to the eulogy they are about to hear. Humor can also bring tears to the eyes, especially when it makes you remember a fun moment you once had with the deceased.

Remind Listeners About The Unique Qualities Of The Deceased

Most people when they are alive display some unique qualities that set them apart from the people around them. It could be a great skill in painting or sports, or intangible qualities such as generosity, leadership, love, and more. Talking about qualities is all about celebrating the goodness that your loved one brought into the lives of his family, friends, and other people around them.

A Good Story Keeps Everyone Listening

You can share a memorable story about the deceased to hold everyone’s attention. The story should help the mourners remember the good fun times they had with the deceased. You can ask family members to narrate good stories if you cannot remember one or ask them for details that you may have forgotten.

Remember The Audience

Keep in mind the people who will be attending the memorial service as you write the eulogy. Your audience should determine the type of humor you use, the style of speech you give, and the tone. For instance, a religious audience is more likely to appreciate writings from the scripture being included in the eulogy. A younger audience is likely to pay attention if the eulogy is written using simple and direct language.

Read It Aloud To Yourself And Others

Reading it aloud to yourself can actually help you spot tongue-twisting phrases and replace them with words that are easier to say. You may also find some grammatical mistakes that may cause people to misunderstand your eulogy. Read it to other people so that they can help you improve the eulogy.

You can ask our staff to help you draft your eulogy or give you templates that you can use if you use our cremation services in Phoenix, AZ.

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