Depending on your funeral or cremation package, funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ will arrange a viewing of the body. A viewing is an opportunity for mourners to get closure and remember their loved ones by seeing their faces for the last time. But that doesn’t mean that viewings cannot be a highly emotional and challenging time. There are instances where people faint, break down crying bitterly, scream in shock and even get physically ill. Here is how to handle difficult viewings.

Prepare For The Worst

Different people handle grief differently, which means you should prepare for extreme emotional incidences during viewings. You can have a person stand close to the casket just in case someone is overwhelmed with intense emotion and needs help walking away. This is necessary if some of the dead person’s closest family members are senior citizens. The casket should be placed on a stable platform or table so that it doesn’t slip when someone holds onto it. People with first aid training should be invited for the viewing just in case they are needed.

Give People An Opportunity To Talk And Comfort Each Other

People comforting each other at the viewing means you are not going to have to be the one comforting everyone despite you being one of the mourners. That means you can focus more on your immediate family members at the viewing. You will also have support from your friends and relatives who have attended. If the viewing is taking place in your home, you can always excuse yourself and go to your room if you feel intense emotions welling up.

How To Prepare Yourself

Sometimes it’s you who feels overwhelmed by the death of a loved one. Maybe you feel that seeing your loved one in a casket will be too much to bear. In that case, ensure you are hydrated and eat before you go to the viewing. Try to sleep a day before the viewing and a few hours before the event, and meditate or pray on the matter. During the viewing service, don’t sit in one position for too long, but walk out frequently to get fresh air. You can ask a friend or relative to walk with you to the casket just in case you need someone’s shoulder to cry on.

Why Viewings Are Important

In many cases, nobody expects a loved one to pass away, which explains the shock and overwhelming grief when someone dies. So, naturally, everyone is going to want to see the face of their loved one and say goodbye. Viewings are difficult but despite the pain, friends, and family still attend to pay their last respects and help comfort each other. But in some situations viewings are not appropriate for various reasons. In these situations, photos and videos of the deceased can help guests and visitors remember their loved ones.

If you use our funeral and cremation services in Phoenix, AZ we will help with all funeral arrangements including viewings. You can ask our team any questions you have about viewings or the whole funeral arrangements.

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