When shopping for a casket, funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ will give you a number of options. They often point out the materials used to make the casket including the fabric used to line the interior. The quality of the interior lining of the casket and other features determine the total price of the casket. Here are some of the best interior fabrics for lining a casket.

Crepe And Velvet Are The Traditional Options

Crepe and velvet are fabrics that have been used to make clothing for hundreds of years. Velvet is made from either synthetic or natural fibers and is easy to spot thanks to its unique glossy look with a soft textured surface. Velvet is thick and warm but it’s often used for lining casket interiors because it looks elegant and accommodating. Crepe can be made from silk, wool, cotton, or synthetic fabrics. It stands out because of its wrinkled appearance but when you touch it, it feels delicate, smooth, and luscious. The wrinkled look actually makes the interior of the casket look elegant and comfortable.

Satin Is A Popular Choice For Casket Interiors

You can find both affordable and expensive caskets that have a satin interior. Satin is made from high-quality silk and has a glossy look with a smooth texture. There are different types of satin such as Duchess satin, sateen, satinet, satin faconne, and more. Many wedding dresses are made using satin which is a testament to its quality. White or ivory satin is often used in the interior of caskets because of its beauty. If having the entire interior of the casket covered in satin is too pricey for you, another option is to request a partial satin lining.

Natural Vs Synthetic fibersBest Interior Fabric For Lining A Casket

Synthetic fibers can be manipulated to look like natural fibers and are more affordable. Polyester is actually less than half the cost of most of the natural fibers that have been used traditionally for lining caskets. But synthetic fabric production causes more environmental pollution than the production of natural fibers. However, just because it’s a natural fabric doesn’t mean it is environmentally friendly. That is because a lot of chemicals are used during the growing stage of cotton and other natural fibers. Fortunately, you can always buy caskets that have an interior lined with fabrics made from organic natural fibers.

Colors To Use For Casket Interior

Light or neutral-colored fabrics are often used for the casket interior. They include colors such as white, cream, and pink, but you can also go for bolder colors such as black, red, dark blue, gray, and more. The color of the interior should match the color of the casket and should not be too busy. But all this depends on your taste or the taste of your dead loved one.

Choosing a casket shouldn’t be a difficult task. Part of our funeral and cremation services in Phoenix, AZ, is to help you find the right casket for your loved one. Our team can help you arrange the whole funeral and even manage the logistics involved.

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