If you are grieving after the cremation services in Phoenix, AZ of a loved one, you might feel the need to do something on your own to honor them. If you are a crafty individual, it might feel good to make something. You could make an ornament for your tree around the holidays, or something similar that you would hang in the kitchen to see on a regular basis. Here are a few options to consider:

Make A Frame

Whether you use popsicle sticks or something more sturdy, crafting a frame with your own hands and then painting it and customizing it can give it real meaning. Once you have the frame completed, find a good picture of your loved one to fit and you can hand it anywhere you’d like. Smaller frames can hang from kitchen knobs while larger frames you can hand right on the wall. You can feel good about doing something special for your loved one and their picture, and the frame you made, is always there to remind you of them.

Jewelry Hangings

If your loved one had a lot of jewelry, and you ended up with a lot of it, you can make something out of that. You could make a charm bracelet with some of the earrings, for example. If there are necklaces with a lot of beads, make a wind chime from it. You can hang necklaces that sparkle from a light fixture or use them to hang things in windows. You will remember your loved one every time you see these items and repurposing them can give you some unique appeal as well.

Make A Jar

Find a nice jar and decorate it however you want. Then, take strips of paper, possibly even in different colors, and write things you loved about your loved one on them. You can add memories, jokes they told, quotes, or anything else you’d like. When you want to think of them, take a little time reading through the jar or you can even add to it when you think of something else along the line. You can share this with others or perhaps they will want to add to your memories with some of their own as well.

If you have other memorial ideas, go for it. It can make you feel productive to do something for your loved one and it’s a nice way to give you something tangible that will make you think of them more often. After cremation services in Phoenix, AZ, it’s often good to find ways to remember someone you loved. That might mean crafting for you while for someone else, it means planting a garden. Whatever it is, the professionals at Thompson Funeral Chapel encourage you to find healthy ways to grieve and give yourself that outlet. If you want suggestions on things you might be interested in doing, we can help you with that as well. We’re here well after all of the services are complete.

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