If your loved one died while in active military service or was a reservist, share this information with a funeral home providing Sun City, AZ funeral services. The loss of a soldier or military member is a tragedy to not just their family but also the community. The pain of such a loss is difficult to ease, but even with the pain, it is important to preserve the fallen soldier’s memory. One way to do this is through the collection and preservation of photos, keepsakes, and mementos that represent their life and accomplishments.

Photos Are A Virtual Representation Of A Fallen Soldier

Photos capture the happy times, moments, and memories of your loved one. Their smile in the photo can comfort you and make you feel close to them. Memories conjured up by the photos can lead to friends and family sharing cheerful stories about the deceased. Don’t be surprised if some of the interesting stories shared are new to you. All these shared stories help keep the memory of your loved one alive. Every time you see their photo, you will remember the shared story instead of your loss. You can display photos in your home, in memory albums, or in other places where they can be easily seen and appreciated.

Keepsakes And Mementos Hold Sentimental Value

Mementos and keepsakes such as medals or awards, clothing, jewelry, and other personal items hold sentimental value and serve as reminders of your loved one. If you cannot keep all of your loved one’s clothes, you can display your loved one’s favorite sports jersey or hat in a display case and give the other clothes away. You could also turn some of the clothes into new items such as scarves, pillows, or blankets.

The Importance Of Proper Preservation

Preserving the photos, keepsakes, and mementos is important if you want them to last for many years to come. You have to do this to avoid dealing with fading, water damage, mold, and other factors that may damage those items. Photos are easier to preserve because all you need is archival-quality albums and sleeves that can protect them from direct sunlight and moisture. For keepsakes and mementos, it is important to keep them in a clean and dry place, away from any potential sources of damage.

Creating A Legacy

Creating a lasting legacy for a fallen soldier can involve establishing a memorial or dedicating a public space in their honor. You can also support a charity organization that supports families of fallen soldiers. This way, the name of your loved one will always be mentioned when supporters of these organizations are honored.

When you come to us for Sun City, AZ cremation services and funeral services, you can always talk to our staff about what to do with your loved one’s photos and other items they left behind. Our funeral home doesn’t just help you arrange your loved one’s funeral but can also direct you to resources that can help you preserve your loved one’s memories.

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