Arranging a funeral on a budget with funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ is nothing to be ashamed of. No one has funeral planning as a high priority but eventually, everyone faces that responsibility. Death can happen in the family when you are not in a good place financially. Here are ways you can arrange an affordable funeral.

Establish A Budget

If you don’t know the funeral cost you need to budget for, you can always research funeral costs. You can choose the services you feel are important and the product you think is necessary for the funeral. It is likely that your research may turn up outdated information especially if you are relying on online sources. Talking to funeral directors in your area could provide accurate information about costs and services provided. Most of the costs you find will be estimates.

Don’t Settle

Shop around for funeral homes that provide the kind of services you seek and compare their prices. Each funeral home you visit will provide you with an itemized list of their services that outlines their charges. While shopping around at various funeral homes try and gauge how easy it is to speak to the staff and whether they go out of their way to give you the information you need. This is a great way to get a feel of their services.

Consider Cremation

Traditional funerals that include burials are not cheap. So, consider cremation as a cheaper alternative. The cheapest funeral is a direct cremation, which involves cremating the body after death with no memorial service, visitation, or viewing. You can always have memorial service weeks or even months after your loved one is cremated.

A Direct Burial Is Also An Option To Consider

On the other hand, direct burial involves burying the body soon after death with no body preparation. That means there is no visitation and viewing. You can hold a graveside service but talk to the funeral director if this will be an extra cost. This is the cheapest option for people who do not want a cremation but still want an affordable funeral.

Crowdfund If You Are Broke

You can never really know when exactly you are going to have to arrange a funeral. So, when a loved one dies and you are broke, consider crowdfunding. This involves using online crowdfunding platforms to set up campaigns for funeral expenses. After you have set up the campaign, notify friends and family to make small donations. You may also get donations from strangers who just want to help.

Buy Cheaper Flowers

Flowers are always beautiful whether they are cheap or expensive. Find a local florist that offers competitive prices and buy beautiful flowers that are fitting for your loved one’s funeral. Online florists also offer affordable options and can deliver them to your location.

Other ways of saving money when seeking funeral and cremation services in Phoenix, AZ are choosing green burials and buying simple caskets. Our team can look at the amount you are willing to spend and help you find more affordable options for the funeral of your loved one.

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