Part of the cremation services in Phoenix, AZ is choosing the right tunes for the funeral. Music is essential at a funeral because it lets the family and other attendees know that it is okay to grieve for their loved one. Music played during a funeral can either be universal or religious. Here are points to consider when choosing music to celebrate the life of a loved one.

The Significance Of Music At A Funeral

Somber tunes played on the piano or by a band or other source create the right atmosphere for grieving. This is why you often don’t hear upbeat music played at a funeral because it clashes with what everyone is experiencing emotionally. Music played at funerals also helps the family and friends of the deceased reflect on their loss and acknowledge the reality of death. What’s more, music can also help you recall the good times you experienced with your loved one when they were alive. So, music helps create a somber mood to allow people to grieve

Tips For Choosing The Right Music

An easier way to do this is to go through your loved one’s favorite playlists and choose one song or tune that you feel is appropriate for a funeral. You don’t have to select music that is traditionally considered funeral music or tune. Instead, focus on music that honors the memory of your loved one. Another tip is to choose music that achieves the tone you want to set at the funeral. The music you choose to create a reflective somber mood is good to be different from the one you choose for an upbeat funeral service. If you are having trouble choosing, ask other family members for help and let the majority decision carry the day. Always pay attention to the lyrics to ensure that the music is appropriate for the funeral service. Your particular culture or religion may also have multiple songs or tunes you can use at a funeral service.

Choosing The Right Tunes To Celebrate Life 300x200The Funeral Director Can Offer Their Opinion

You can leave the whole issue of choosing the right music in the hands of the funeral director. Alternatively, you and the director can work together to find the right songs to use. Funeral directors also work with clergy to choose the right music, especially when handling a religious funeral service. Experienced funeral directors have a collection of tunes or music that you can choose from for the funeral of your loved one.

Live Music Is Even Better At A Funeral

Your funeral director can contact their networks and hire a live band to perform on your behalf. But you can also have members of your family who can sing and play musical instruments perform at the funeral of your loved one. The thing with live music is that it encourages everyone to join in the performance, which can have significant psychological benefits for the family of the deceased.

When you visit us for cremations in Phoenix, AZ, we will help you find the right music for your loved one’s funeral.

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