More people are requesting for virtual technology to be utilized when they contact funeral homes for funeral and cremation services in Phoenix, AZ. Virtual funerals became the norm in many places around the world during the pandemic. People wanted to witness the funeral service of their loved one without putting other family members at risk. Here are some of the elements of a virtual funeral.

What Virtual Means

Virtual in the context of a funeral means attending the funeral service without being at the funeral physically. Think of streaming a webinar or a video chat or live video footage of a funeral online. During the pandemic, a handful of ‚Äúdistanced” family members would attend the funeral service at the funeral home or at a chapel and other family members would witness the service from their home computers or smartphones. Now that social distancing is not as common, adding the virtual component can be for the benefit of family and friends who cannot attend the funeral service physically due to circumstances beyond their control. For example, an elderly family member who cannot travel can still attend the funeral of their loved one virtually. Most social media platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, Zoom, and Skype can be great for streaming funerals.

What Happens At A Virtual Funeral?

Virtual funerals are conducted in a way resembling normal funerals. That means they include eulogies, viewings, funeral readings, hymns, and other activities that happen at a funeral. But you have to think about tech support, event planning, virtual attendee invites, and how to coordinate on the day of the funeral. If your funeral director is not familiar with virtual funeral planning, you can always use virtual funeral planning apps such as Aftering and Everplans.

Planning A Virtual Funeral Service Or Memorial Service

For most people, digitization of a funeral is not that unusual in a world where dating, banking, and even shopping are happening online. So, once you decide a virtual funeral is something you prefer, you can start by finding the right funeral home and the right funeral director to help with arrangements. Schedule everything including the funeral program readings, funeral music, online guestbook that can be signed virtually, and so on. Consult the funeral director on what type of services they recommend at a virtual funeral service.

You Will Need Equipment

The necessary equipment includes audio and video recording gadgets and more. For recording purposes, you can use anything from your personal cell phone to top-of-the-range video recording cameras, audio equipment, and lighting equipment. Other equipment you may need include camera tripods, HDMI cables, and a laptop with a webcam and microphone. The internet connection should be reliable and fast enough.

You can always ask your funeral director if they can set up the virtual funeral on your behalf. Many funeral homes that provide cremations in Phoenix, AZ has all the equipment you need for a virtual funeral service. All you need is to describe exactly how you want the virtual funeral service to be held and specify the people who will be witnessing it virtually.

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