After your loved one passes away and the cremation service or funeral home services in Phoenix, AZ., are completed, grief can set in, and it affects people physically, mentally, and spiritually. What might manifest as sadness in one person comes out as anger or withdrawal in another. Some have referred to the “broken heart syndrome” as a form of grief that is manifested as heart-related issues, so understanding why you need to be aware is a priority to your health.

Physically grief can show up as things like:

  •  headaches or body aches
  •  sleeplessness or anxiousness
  •  lowered immune system more illnesses
  •  tiredness or fatigue
  •  even feeling energized or strong

Our bodies do a fantastic job of letting us know when there is an issue, so it is essential to listen and take the time you need to process and rest.

Emotional symptoms can fluctuate sometimes hourly and can look like:

  •  fear
  •  guilt
  •  sadness
  •  shame
  •  anger

Turning to friends and family or outside resources can help significantly with the pain, having a trusted source to talk to about your emotions helps. If you feel you need further assistance, speak with a doctor about options that are right for you.

Coping with Grief

Coping with the pain can is difficult so making sure that you attend to your feelings and not ignoring them plays a crucial role in healing them. After the funeral home services, it can feel overwhelming to face the pain of loss, but it is vital to process it and not hold on to it. Acceptance is another factor, working towards resolving yourself around the loss and your own experience will help let the emotions go.

Practicing self-care is vital; ensuring proper rest, healthy foods, and exercise on tributes to a better state mentally, emotionally, and physically. In addition, giving yourself the time needed to process and let the feelings go is imperative. Grief has no set time, and it is essential to remember that you need to handle it in the best way for you.

The healing process goes in steps:

1. Shock or denial of the loss. This can feel like disbelief or a sensation of being numb.

2. Pain or possible guilt. The loss might feel like it is too much to bear or that you are a burden to others.

3. Anger or bargaining. Lashing out or offering to do anything to get relief from the feelings can happen.

4. Depression. This can feel lonely and take time as you process the loss.

5. Acceptance. Emotions start to die down, and you begin to re-establish your life and start living again.

Love and grief exist together; knowing what the symptoms are will help to navigate this trying time and help you to get through the process. Thompson Funeral Chapel wants to help make the process easier for you. Let our compassionate assist you with grief resources or your cremation or funeral service needs in Phoenix, AZ. We’re here for you whenever you need us.

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