The grief of loss can be overwhelming, so trying to decide on what the right choice is for your loved one can be overwhelming. Thompson Funeral Chapel provides cremation services in Phoenix, AZ. offers you everything you need to get the process started. We are a market leader for providing arrangements for companies know worldwide, and our goal is to provide you with experience you can count on. We offer multiple options like:


This traditional service consists of the deceased being placed in an urn or casket in the cemetery and allowing for others to visit at the service. We encourage loved ones to leave flowers, mementos, or a handful of soil that can be tossed into the grave as a way to say goodbye and show their condolences.


This option has your loved one placed in public viewing in a facility such as your home or another venue like a church that allows the casket to remain open for family and friends. The viewing is celebrated with readings, music, or other tributes from friends and family to express their feelings.


The graveside service is a more straightforward option held onsite but has no viewing. The offering can involve family speakers and readings of messages or scriptures for the departed. There can be an individual to lead the service if you wish.

Simple or traditional cremation

Simple cremation services do not include a celebration or memorial. Instead, once the appropriate paperwork is finalized, the deceased is taken to the crematory, then placed in an urn that can be taken home or buried. The traditional option is the same process but with a funeral procession, leading up to the individual being transported for cremation.

Military Services

These are similar to a traditional service, with visitation being held the evening prior in the funeral home or appointed location. A flag is folded and placed on the casket or nearby. Then and the service is held with readings and memories being shared. The playing of Taps is available, and if requested, a rifle volley can be added in. The verifying method is the DD214 and will be requested before scheduling.

Choosing the Right Funeral Home for YouChoosing The Right Option For Your Funeral Services

If you have a loved one getting ready to pass away or need services now, you want a company that will help you weigh your options and support you to make the best choice for your needs.

We understanding you have a budget and Thompson Funeral Chapel offers cremation services and has several funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ., that will work with your needs. We know the grief and hardship that a loss can create, and we will help you find the right fit for your funeral home or cremation services budget. We are here for you, with compassion and care so give us a call whenever you need our help and final services and let our 25 years of quality service help you gain peace of mind about the care your loved one will get.

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