Once these services have been planned with one of the funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ, you can begin working out the extra details, like giving the eulogy. This document is an integral part of laying an individual to rest, and it can be confusing on what to include in it and how to present it if you have never had to before. So, we have gathered some essential tips to help you get started and navigate the process.

What is in the Eulogy?

The eulogy is intended to be a summary of an individual’s legacy. It refers to the individual’s life and tells a story about who they were and what they offered the world. This could include any differences they made, people they helped, or lives they affected in a positive way that can create a beautiful document about how their life was lived.

A few critical pieces of information can include:

  • Information like when they were born, if they were married, or went to college
  • If they had any close or significant relationships in their life
  • If they served in the military
  • Awards or honors they received in their life
  • Favorite hobbies or passions they pursued

As you’re writing the eulogy, it’s recommended to be mindful of who will listen to it and ensure the content is appropriate. If you have unfinished business, you also want to avoid adding that into the speech and keep the content highlighting the positive aspects of the person’s life.

Rewrite and Edit the Speech

Taking the time to ensure the document is edited correctly and rewriting this speech multiple times if necessary is recommended. This allows you to remove or add any pertinent information and create a meaningful document for the event.

Use Notecards

Notecards can be an excellent choice because they provide you with a reminder if you get sidetracked or if you need to highlight important parts of the speech. They are a commonly used option by professional speakers, so be sure to utilize them.

Take the Time to Practice

Another way to build confidence in delivering the eulogy is by making sure that you’re practicing it. This will help ensure that your speaking voice is clear and that your volume will be sufficient for the audience. It can also help you work through any emotions you may have if you need to read more challenging parts of the speech.

4 Tips For Delivering A EulogyPrepare Yourself

The last recommendation is if you find yourself getting emotional during the speech, try to keep in mind that the friends and family there are not there to judge you but to offer support.

Your Locally Owned and Compassionate Provider

Giving a eulogy doesn’t have to be a complicated experience when you follow the steps listed above. Having the proper support can help you create a truly memorable experience, and if you’re looking for assistance with one of the funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ, we are a trusted provider. We offer compassionate support and professional services, so contact us today.

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