The cremation services in Phoenix, AZ, are just one part of laying an individual to rest after they have passed away. Once the process is completed, there will be a need to bury, scatter, or house the loved one’s remains in an urn. For some people, one way to help with the grief process is to create a personalized vessel, but with all the options on the market, it can get confusing what to choose. So, we have gathered some steps and considerations in this article to make the experience easier.

Think About Different Designs

One of the first ways to make an urn truly personalized is by picking specific designs that remind you of your loved one. Considering who the person was when they were alive can help give you a better idea of what shape or style would be appropriate.

For example, if the individual was an artist and more unconventional, you might consider choosing an urn that has flowing lines or exciting shapes. Or, if the person was more organized and structured, you might look at an urn with straight lines and a contemporary feel.

Incorporate a Splash of Color

Adding in color can help represent emotions about the experience; they can also help remind you of the person, which can bring a sense of comfort. If you want to add color, it can also help you choose the right material to go along with this, so consider adding different hues or tones to the piece you’re creating. You may also want to paint it and create a truly personalized look for the urn.

Choose the Right Material

There are many different materials available to pick from, and it can feel overwhelming when trying to decide, so another recommendation is to find one that represents your loved one. Pick a granite or marble material for someone more conservative and straightforward, or if the individual believes in sustainability, you might pick a biodegradable one made from clay or paper.

In addition, there are other materials, including wood, brass, stainless steel, glass, and plastic, that can all work well as vessels.

cremation services in Phoenix, AZGet it Inscribed

Using the right words in a time of loss can also offer a sense of comfort and personalization to the urn. Adding in a favorite poem, phrase, or creating your quote about the individual can make it customized and hope you feel connected to them even after they are gone.

Add in an Image

The last recommendation is to have a favorite photo of the individual inscribed into the urn. If you don’t have a preferred picture, you might also consider using an image of something representing them, such as forests, water, plants, animals, or any other image that might feel appropriate.

Your Local and Supportive Professionals

Creating a unique urn is just one way to express your care for your loved one, and planning memorable cremation services in Phoenix, AZ, takes experience and knowledge, and we are here to help. We are locally owned and have offered services based on integrity and honesty since 1957, so contact us today if you have any questions or need to schedule an appointment.

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