It’s not uncommon for individuals to need to send the cremated ashes to a different destination after the cremation services in Phoenix, AZ, are completed. This will require several steps to ensure it’s done efficiently and correctly, so we have gathered the steps in this article to help you get started.

Utilizing a Free Kit

Some people may choose to use their container to ship the remains, but USPS has an option to use a free kit available online. The kit has two different options, the first one being just the box and the second having the box, bubble wrap, priority mail tape, and a self-sealing plastic bag.

This box can be ordered online and is the recommended choice for shipping the ashes because it’s easily recognized and can ensure a higher level of safety and precision for delivery.

Apply Label 139

Any boxes that ship cremated remains need the special Label 139 placed on them. It must be on all exterior sides of the container, including the top and bottom because it has the words cremated remains printed in large letters and bright colors.

This is done to make the individuals handling the package aware of what’s inside, which can decrease the risks of shipping it. One thing to remember is that the box that USPS provides already has the label posted, so that it may be an easier option.

Pack the Box with Care

How you package the box can also make a difference in the experience, and you want to ensure that the urn or container is placed in a plastic bag that can be sealed. This will help reduce the risk of leaks or spills during transport, and you can also add extra padding to ensure that the container does not move while it is being shipped.

If You Need to Ship Internationally

Another situation is sometimes; that the remains will need to be shipped to an international destination. This can be more complex because some countries don’t allow remains to be sent to them, and others have particular requirements. One way to help yourself through this process is to contact the embassy of the country the remains need to go to and make sure you understand the regulations and the proper documentation for customs.

Add on Extras

The last recommendation for this process is that there’s always a risk with shipping any package, so in this situation, you might consider adding on extras such as a signature required for extra security.

Exceptional Care and Streamlined Services

Shipping the remains can be made easier by following these tips and steps, and if you have any extra concerns, you can always contact USPS online or by phone. If you need support planning the cremation services in Phoenix, AZ, let us assist you through the process. We have been in business since 1957 and understand the pain of loss, so we work hard to create truly memorable events for our clients. We offer compassionate care and support, so contact us today.

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