Funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ, can offer you meaningful support when planning the services and help guide you through the process. One part of creating an event is writing the eulogy, and if you have never had to go through this process before, it might feel confusing about what to include and how to get started. We want you to be prepared, so we have created this article as a helpful guide on tips for writing this document.

What is the Obituary?

The obituary is the announcement of someone passing away. This announcement is generally published in a local or national newspaper, depending on who the person was, or it can also be posted online on social media. The obituary offers a summary of the person’s legacy to help remember who they were, and there are specific pieces of information that you can include in the document.

What is Included?

The obituary can be started by announcing that the individual has passed away, and you can add in the individual’s name, age, the day they passed away, and a brief description of who they were. Some obituaries will include other information like:

  • Their date of birth
  • Education level
  • If they were married
  • If they had any accomplishments
  • What they did for a living
  • Information about the services

Making it Personalized

One way to make the obituary more personalized is to add information about any family members. This could be listing individuals by name, starting with spouses and leading to grandchildren. It’s not uncommon to also try to reference the individual’s personality in the obituary.

You could include a paragraph describing not only who your loved one was but also what they did in life. Adding information about any hobbies, personal characteristics, or passions they had can help highlight more about them and make it a more personalized document.

Adding information about what the person meant to you and a memorable short experience that you had with them can also help create a sense of personalization. Trying to create a picture of who the person is can help others share their own experiences. If the individual liked to make jokes or had a silly personality, you can add humor to the obituary.

Some people may be afraid to do this, but for those who knew the person, if humor was a regular part of who they were, it can help others remember this about them and give them a break from the grief for a moment.

Trusted and Expert Care

The obituary doesn’t have to sound generic if you don’t want it to, and it can be beneficial to make it as personalized as possible for anyone who reads it. These details can make the difference for anyone tending the event, and if you need help planning the services, we are here for you. We are one of the local funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ, offering exceptional care for all our clients. We have been in business since 1957, so contact us today for more information.

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