Your loved one passing away can be an easy process if you have preplanning and already started looking at funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ. You already might have money set aside for this, but in cases where you do not, it might confuse how to pay for it and who pays for it. And with costs ranging upwards of $10,000, this can be a burden if you are not prepared for it, so here are some ideas to start looking at to help with funding for those services.

Options for Financial Coverage

The Deceased

In a best-case scenario, the deceased has already set up a way to pay for their funeral. This could be through the purchase of packages at the facility that is prepaid, or they might have an insurance policy specifically designed for covering the costs once their time has come.

Spouse, Parent, Or Children

In most cases, the individuals in the immediate family are the ones who will be held responsible for the costs. In some situations, they are beneficiaries on a life insurance policy or understand that the deceased was getting ready to pass away and started making prior arrangements.

Estate Executor

The executor is the person who handles all the deceased’s finances and is usually the spouse or immediate family. If the person had a will and preplanning in place, the executor would use part of those funds to pay for the services.

Relatives or Community Help

It may be too much of a burden for one individual to cover all the costs of a sudden loss in some situations. There are times when they will reach out to the community or other family members to help contribute to the services. This not only helps ease the burden but also instills a sense of support for all individuals involved.

Government or County

Some options documents can be filled out that sign over the rights of the deceased, so the relative would have no say in how the remains are handled. Generally, these turn into a cremation service and the individual can request the ashes, but this may come with a fee. In the case that there’s no one available to pay for the funeral becomes the responsibility of the coroner’s office to take over the role of providing services.

From Our Family to Yours

The loss of a loved one can be considered a confusing time filled with grief and frustration. There may be confusion about who needs to offer financial support and the steps in this process. If you are reaching out to funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ, for a burial you might be wondering what your choices are. Having a locally trusted and professional team that can help guide you through the process will make your experience easier. Thompson Funeral Chapel wants you to know we are here to help you through this process, so give us a call today to get started.

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