When an individual loses a loved one and begins looking at funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ, they may need a considerable amount of support as they’re going through the process. This is where family and friends can come in and offer their presence in one form or another to help show the individual they are not alone.

Having individuals participate and offer service can also create a sense of comfort in connection, which can also help contribute to the healing process. There are multiple ways an individual can show their gratitude, below are a few examples.


Multiple gifts on the market can be personalized for individuals. Sending flowers, food, or anything that comes from the heart can be welcome “thank you” gifts. Depending on who the gift is for, you may consider creating a basket specific to the individuals’ interests. This could look like purchasing movie tickets or buying various chocolates and making a theme out of it.

Physical Gestures

One great way to give back and show appreciation is to offer service physically. This could be something as simple as offering to help out around the individual’s house with activities like laundry or yard work. You may even consider taking them out for a meal or event to connect.


If you’re considering sending a note, you’ll want to make sure that you have everyone listed who will be receiving one. It can be a great addition to add a small trinket or flowers alongside the card to show how much you appreciated them being there.

Words to Express Yourself

If you’re not used to writing these kinds of correspondences, you may be wondering what you need to say. It is okay to keep your statement shorter, and you can include words like

  • Your support was greatly appreciated 
  • Taking the time and thoughtfulness decreased the stress 
  • Your kindness helped tremendously 
  • Thank you so much for being so helpful with the services

If the individual was not a direct family member and you’re wondering how to end your statement, here are some examples

  • With fondness 
  • Gratefully 
  • Your friend 

A Source for Support

If your budget is not limited, you may consider offering additional tokens such as a gift card to a favorite place that they can utilize later. Anytime a loss is experienced, it makes it vital for friends and family to step in and help out where there is a need. Practicing compassion and understanding that losing a loved one is a challenging experience is critical and that offering even the small gesture will be welcomed.

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