There are regulations that funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ have to adhere to regarding the transportation of caskets and burials. These regulations vary by state and can include guidelines on vehicles, burial permits, and casket requirements. These rules exist to ensure that every deceased person’s body is treated with respect and dignity. Here is a guide for transport and burial regulations for caskets in Arizona.

Requirements For Casket Weight

Caskets made in Arizona can be up to 450 pounds, but on average they weigh 200 pounds, not including body weight. The structure, size, and material can make it weigh more than 450 pounds. Expensive caskets are often heavier because they are made using metals such as bronze or copper, or from hardwoods such as mahogany or walnut. If you are going to bury the casket at sea, then the required average weight is at least 300 pounds.

The Average Casket Size

There are no specific rules on the required size of a coffin but a standard coffin is about 84 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 23 inches high. People that are 6’10” or shorter and about 330 pounds in weight can fit in a standard casket. Slightly taller people can still fit in a standard coffin but the funeral director may have to bend their knees. You can get caskets that are 31 inches wide but they cannot be longer than 85 inches. A wider casket also means you need a wider or bigger vault to protect it.

Regulations For Transporting Caskets

The Centers for Disease Control has regulations on transporting human remains but these rules differ depending on whether the remains are embalmed bodies or cremains. They also consider whether the person died from a contagious disease that may have required quarantine. So, you will need a death certificate that shows the cause of death and whether it is safe to transport the body. State laws often require that the body has to be embalmed if you are transporting it across state lines on the ground. Transporting it by air is a lot more complicated so you need to consider either transporting it by car or train.

A Guide To Transport And Burial Regulations For Caskets in ArizonaTypes Of Transportation For Caskets

You can transport a casket using a limo, a hearse, or a private vehicle. Transportation using a hearse is the easiest option because a hearse is not only designed to carry the casket but also offers room for family members to ride along with their loved ones. It is also the most affordable transportation option.

Burial Regulations

Most burials in Arizona are done in cemeteries but that doesn’t mean that there is a law that forbids burials on private land. It is cemeteries that have rules on how and where you can bury your loved one.

If you are concerned about rules for transport and burials, you can talk about it with our funeral director while discussing our funeral and cremation services in Phoenix, AZ.

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