As you plan final services for a loved one with funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ, you know as part of the package you have chosen, they will be transported from the place of their death to the funeral home’s facilities. But once they are in their casket, the funeral is complete, and the guests are going to process to the cemetery, your loved one will need further transport. This transportation is going to be something that family and friends see, and you might want something special for your loved one’s last ride. Here are some of the options to consider.

A Hearse

The easiest, and most affordable way to move someone form the funeral home to the cemetery is in a hearse. This vehicle is recognizable and will lead the procession to the cemetery. The funeral director will drive and there is room for a few others inside if family wants to ride along with their loved one. Others will follow behind the hearse and it’s an easy enough vehicle to follow since it stands out.

A Limo

Some funeral homes will have this option, or one can be rented from another company. You might feel it’s an elegant way for your loved one to get to the cemetery. Many limos have room for a casket and family and friends may also be able to ride along with them. It’s usually more expensive than the hearse, which is already include with the funeral home’s packages, so you will want to ensure that you have the budget for that option, if that is what you choose.

A Private Vehicle

You might have a special vehicle in your family that you really want to use, maybe even something that the deceased owned. It might be a classic car or something they drove on a regular basis. There are only certain vehicles that can fit a hearse, so keep that in mind, btu the funeral home will do whatever they can to go along with your requests. You can bring the vehicle to the funeral home for the director to look over and advise you as to how things could work. This can be a special way to move your loved one to their final resting place if the vehicle meant a lot to them or has meaning within your family.

When you are organizing final services with funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ, transporting them from the funeral home to the cemetery is a necessity, and one of the many decisions you will have to make. The professionals at Thompson Funeral Chapel are here to help you with those decisions by providing you with options and answers whenever you have a question. You are welcome to see our hearse so you can decide if it’s the right option for your family member. If you want to go another direct, we’ll support you in that as well and give you advice as to where you can find a limo, what cars might work, and so on.

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