If you have ever dealt with a sudden death in your family, you know how traumatic it can be to plan the final services. Everyone is emotional and it’s downright impossible to get everything in while you are in shock. Going through that can lead you to believe that planning your own cremation services in Peoria, AZ is in everyone’s best interest—and it is. When you are working on your own pre-plans, here are some tips to help you get through the process.

Have A Checklist

Pre-planning has several steps to it, and you will want to make sure you get through all of them. You can write up your own checklist of things you want to make sure are included in the plans. You can also visit with the funeral home professionals, who can often provide you with a checklist of decisions you need to make and steps you need to take along the way. The checklist can help you ensure you don’t leave anything important out.

Gather Information

You don’t just sit down one day and lay out all of your plans. You will likely want to gather information first. If you know you want to be cremated, that’s a good start. But you might want information on funeral services prior to cremation or memorial services after. You’ll want to know service details and rates from different funeral homes so you can choose the right professionals to work with and so on. Those details will be important as you move forward.

Plan The Cremation

After you have the information you need, you can meet with the service provider and start to plan out the details. You can keep things simple with a direct cremation or you can go into detail by planning a cremation memorial service or anything else you’d like around it.

Decide On Participants

You can also decide on a number of things surrounding your services. Even if you know you want a memorial, who do you want to preside over it? What music do you want played? Who should carry your urn into the service? Who should do the readings? And so on. You should also make clear whether you want the services open to the public or more private and intimate with just family and friends. The more details you include, the easier it will be for your family since they won’t have to plan or decide anything.

When you are ready to move forward with your planning process, or if you want information on cremation services in Peoria, AZ, the professionals at Thompson Funeral Chapel are here to help. You can call us for information or to set up a time to come in and visit with us at (623) 932-1780. You can also come to our facilities for a tour and to talk through details at 926 S Litchfield Rd Goodyear, AZ 85338. We want to help you and your family to get everything in place in advance so no decisions have to be made under pressure later.

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