People considering cremation in funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ need to know that the cremation can only proceed after certain documents are available. These are the documents that authorize the cremation so that everything that is done is legal. The following are the essential documents that you need to authorize cremation.

A Death Certificate Is Needed

The manner in which a death certificate is processed depends on where you take your loved one after they die. A funeral home, mortuary, or cemetery can prepare and file a death certificate. If your loved one was under some kind of care whether in a hospital, hospice, or nursing home, then those institutions can file the death certificate. The state government issues a certified version of the death certificate and you can get a copy at a fee.

A Cremation Authorization Form Is Filled In The County The Funeral Will Take Place

The cremation authorization form has to be filled and signed by the kin of the deceased. This form includes information about the deceased such as the deceased’s identity, the name of the funeral home, and the name of the funeral director. After the cremation authorization form is filled, the county where the cremation is to happen issues a cremation permit. This permit gives the cremation provider permission to proceed with the cremation.

Medical Certificate Indicates The Health Of The Deceased When They Died

A doctor documents the immediate cause of death, which can be an event, a clinical condition, or a disease process that leads to death in a medical death certificate. They must indicate that the patient did not have any contagious illness on the document. Either the funeral home or cremation provider obtains this document.

There Are Different Types Of Cremation

You can choose a direct cremation which does not include a viewing or funeral service. Another option is a cremation with all the characteristics of a traditional funeral except for the cremation. The number of documents you need may depend on the cremation package you choose.

These Documents Can Differ Depending On Your Area

The required documents are going to be different depending on where you live. Your funeral director knows all the documents needed for a cremation to take place and will inform you. The circumstances behind a death can make the process a little complicated but you don’t have to worry if you are working with a funeral home on the funeral.

Reasons Why Cremation May Be The Better Choice

A cremation is much simpler than traditional burials because there is often no need for a casket or embalming of a body. There are fewer expenses you have to worry about including expenses for vaults or cemetery land for burying the body. In most cases, cremations are cheaper than traditional options.

We can help you pick the right cremation package and help you understand our funeral and cremation services in Phoenix, AZ. Our professionals have years of experience arranging funerals and helping families get all the necessary documentation for cremations.

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