Personalizing a burial is all about honoring your loved one in a rich and meaningful manner not about standing out. Many funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ does not just offer green burials but can also provide resources that can help you. If you are considering a green burial for a loved one, you can personalize that burial in the following ways.

Cover The Body In A Shroud During Viewing

You can cover the body except for the head and arms with a burial shroud then place your loved one on a bed during the viewing. This makes people more likely to quickly come to terms with the fact that their loved one is gone, which can help with the grieving process. You can let everyone talk to your loved one, read poems, and even sing religious hymns. The point is to make the whole process feel as natural as possible for everyone in attendance. In this case, it would be a better idea to have the viewing at home.

Use A Bamboo Casket Lined With Untreated Cotton Fabric

Most people who choose green burials still use wood caskets but the wood is not painted or treated. For instance, a simple pine casket is a great option if you want something made of wood. You could also just use a casket made from bamboo with the cotton fabric used as lining. Bamboo is a strong material that decomposes naturally with the body while benefiting the environment.

Bury Your Loved One In Nature

If you want to legally bury your loved one in the middle of a forest, you need to consider conservation burial grounds. Unlike typical cemeteries, conservation burial grounds are cemeteries that are designed to conserve the environment and be environmentally friendly. They are often just large pieces of land in places rich with nature such as forests. Rules for using these cemeteries include digging the grave by hand and using green burial caskets or shrouds.

Let Everyone Be Casual During The Burial

You can let everyone attending the funeral come dressed in jeans, flannel, and other casual clothes. They can also bring along their banjos, guitars, and other musical instruments that can be played during the burial ceremony. This greatly contrasts the somber mood that is often present in traditional funerals.

Cremation Services in Phoenix AZ 3 200x300Switch The Flowers With Donations

Many friends and family members will want to send or bring flowers for the burial. You can instead ask them to send the money they would have used to buy the flowers to an eco-minded charity of your choice. That doesn’t mean that the graveside of your loved one will lack flowers.

Filing In The Grave

The whole family can help lift the body and place it on the boards over the gravesite. After everyone has said their farewells or after a burial service, the family can help lower the body into the grave.

Our funeral and cremation services in Phoenix, AZ also include helping families come up with creative ways to celebrate the life of their loved one.

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