Anytime the loss of a loved one occurs, several things need to be completed before and after the cremation services in Phoenix, AZ. The tasks are essential parts of fully laying the loved one to rest and leaving no unfinished business, so we have created this helpful guide to get you started with these steps and make the process easier.

Let Others Know

The priority when an individual passes the way is to let any family members or friends know about it. This can also help create a community of support for yourself and others, and it can be helpful to have people delegate tasks to complete specific things.

After friends and family members have been notified, you need to reach out to places like employers, churches, and social or hobby-related groups. You can check the loved one’s e-mail or phone list for specific people, and you may even consider making a post on social media to reach more individuals.

Get Immediate Needs Established

If the loved one was not at a hospital or in hospice care, you might have to have their death legally pronounced. You might also need to have the body taken to the crematory or funeral home; a doctor or funeral director can help you with this. If your loved one were an organ donor, this would also need to be determined, and this can be found in a will, health care directive, or driver’s license.

Consider any Last Wishes They Had

In a best-case scenario, the loved one would already have plans for the cremation or burial, so you would know what they wanted to add to the event. If not, you can always get together with friends or family members and organize a service that feels meaningful based on what you know about the individual who passed away.

Secure their Home

Another critical step is ensuring the individual’s home is secured. There are some situations where people can be targeted, especially if their obituary has been placed in the newspaper or if any addresses are attached. essential items to be aware of for the home are:

  • Watering any plants
  • Taking care of any animals
  • Removing any perishables from the fridge
  • Securing any valuables

Get the Proper Documents

There can be a large number of documents that also need to be located, and these can include:

  • Insurance policy information
  • Bills that need to be finalized
  • Business records and information
  • Personal statements for checking and savings accounts

Our Services are Based on Compassionate Care

Trying to gather all the information required after a loved one passes away can be a challenging experience but following these key starting points can make it easier. Having a professional company at your side when it comes to planning the cremation services in Phoenix, AZ, can make all the difference, and we would love to help you with the process. We are locally owned and would love to create a memorable event for your loved one, so contact us today.

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