Planning your own funeral is not as strange as it sounds because everyone has to accept the reality of death, especially when they are getting older. You can do some of the planning on your own but you will also have to seek guidance from funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ. Pre-planning is all about making decisions about every step that will be taken after you pass away. Here is a guide for pre-planning your funeral.

Reasons For Pre-Planning

You should view pre-planning as a tool that allows you to make your wishes known and also reduce stress on your family in the event that you pass. You can pre-plan for the cemetery, burial, funeral, and memorial. You should consider pre-planning if you are about to enter hospice or if your next-of-kin lives in another state or city. Planning for an ailing parent or a disabled family member is also something to consider.

Understand Aspects Of A Funeral

You have to know what happens at a funeral to make a good plan. A funeral involves things such as the preparation of the corpse, ceremonies such as a memorial service, and burial or cremation of the corpse. You have to decide whether you will have a full service at a funeral home or at a different location. Other things you have to make a decision on include viewing of the deceased, burial in the ground or tomb, or where the ashes will be scattered.

Plan For Funeral Expenses

You can research the expenses or costs online or visit a funeral home and ask about the packages they offer. Most people don’t know that some funeral homes offer packages with better rates for people planning their funerals years before they die. But there are pre-pay risks that you should think carefully about before you commit to these pre-pay packages. Another option is to find out average costs and save money that can cover most if not all of those costs.

Call Several Funeral Homes

Calling several funeral homes to get quotes can make it easier to calculate the average cost of a funeral in your area. This is because it will give you an idea of what you may need in a package and others that are not really important. But do not focus on lower prices because lower prices may mean that you may not get the services you need. Once you choose your funeral home, the funeral director can help you make the funeral arrangements.

How To Choose Services You Want

The types of services include funeral service, graveside service, memorial service, and celebration of life. People go to a funeral service to give their final farewell but a graveside service is held at the final resting place. A funeral service and a graveside service often follow each other but you can choose to only have one without the other.

These are just some of the things you should consider when pre-planning a funeral. Our staff can help you understand all the funeral and cremation services in Phoenix, AZ that you should consider for your funeral.

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