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The Best Funeral Home and Cremation Planning Tips in Peoria, AZ

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What are the different types of funerals?

Funerals are a way for people to process the death of their loved one. They can be somber occasions, celebrations, or anything in between depending on how mourners want them to go.  Different types of funerals: Is your funeral going to be filled with laughter and love? Or will you choose something more austere so that those who attended know just what it means when someone passes away? Funerals are about celebrating life as well as honoring its end yet they always vary from person-to-person and family member-to-family member based on personal preferences.

Types of Funeral:

Full-service “Traditional” Funeral

A viewing or visitation, a formal funeral service, the use of a hearse to transport the body to the funeral site and cemetery, and burial, entombment, or cremation of the remains are all common features of this type of funeral, which is often referred to as a “traditional” funeral by funeral providers.

It is the most expensive type of funeral in general. Embalming and dressing the body; rental of the funeral home for the viewing or service; and use of vehicles to transport the family if they do not have their own are all common costs in addition to the funeral home’s basic services fee. A casket, cemetery plot or crypt, and other funeral goods and services must also be taken into account.

Direct Burial

Direct burial is an option for those who want to avoid expensive funeral services. Unlike the traditional “full-service” funeral, there is no viewing or visitation involved and embalming isn’t necessary. As a result of this simplicity in process, direct burials typically cost less than more elaborate funerals do – saving you money.

Direct Cremation

Imagine having to go through your day without any breaks. No lunch, no coffee break, and definitely not a nap! Without the luxury of relaxation time in between tasks you perform at work or school it’s easy to forget what life was like before then. This is precisely why many people opt for direct cremation after their death–to avoid funeral services altogether so that they can have this small sense of freedom while living vicariously through those who are still with us today.

With direct cremation there’s an absence of ceremonial services involved as well; typically the body has been deceased shortly beforehand and embalming isn’t required either because funerals don’t happen during these procedures. An urn or other container is used to hold the cremated remains.  There will be no viewing or visitation. The ashes can be stored in the home, buried, or interred in a crypt or niche in a cemetery, or scattered in a preferred location. In most cases, direct cremation is less expensive than a “conventional” full-service funeral.

Where should you start when you are facing the daunting task of planning a funeral for someone that you love? You want to be sure that the event is respectful and honors the life that was lost. At the same time, it is important to consider the needs of the people who will be attending the event. Many decisions need to be faced when planning a funeral or cremation in Peoria, AZ.


What Is The Main Purpose Of A Funeral Home?

At Thompson Funeral Chapel, we are here to lift your burdens and simplify the funeral planning and grief resources process. Our team offers the full-service solutions that are needed to reduce your stress and optimize the results of end-of-life services. We know that your family has customs and traditions that should be honored, so we always offer a listening ear to understand your preferences and requests.


Choosing the Best Funeral Homes in Peoria Arizona

Choosing a funeral home is never easy. There are so many options, and it’s hard to know which one will provide the best service for your family at the most affordable price.

You want to choose wisely because you don’t want to leave anything up to chance when planning a funeral. Also, you don’t want your loved ones spending an arm and leg on something that can be avoided with some research beforehand. By choosing our funeral home, we’ll make sure everything goes according to plan while keeping costs low enough that no one has any reason not go through with it in case of death or accident! We offer reasonable prices without sacrificing quality services or accommodations for families who have lost someone close by their side – including transportation arrangements, accommodation facilities and much more!

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Best Funeral Home in Peoria, AZ

Before you plan ahead into these funeral decisions, the first step is to choose the best funeral home in the local area. You need a team that understands the community and treats your family as their own. Our funeral specialists at Thompson Funeral Chapel truly care about the results of your funeral plans. We are here to offer the care and support that you require when you are facing the grief of losing a loved one.

It is convenient to choose a company in the area so that you can minimize the transportation to and from the funeral home. You also need to consider the convenience for family and friends who will be visiting from out of town. Our team offers more than basic funeral services. Additionally, we can help with the details for booking hotels and arranging transportation to the event venues.


Preparing Yourself for Service at a Mortuary in Peoria, AZ

The funeral is a solemn occasion. It’s best to dress appropriately, so wear something dark and somber such as black pants or a skirt with a light shirt that covers your shoulders (women) and slacks for men.  What do you usually wear to funerals? Many people will say they would never attend one without wearing their most formal clothing: an expensive suit in the case of men; skirts down past the knee or dresses below mid-calf length for women.

Mourning attire is worn at a funeral. The color of the clothing usually depends on what’s expected for that occasion, but black or dark blue are typically seen most often. Women traditionally wear dresses with sleeves and skirts to hide their legs in order to seem more modest while men were allowed pants during this time period because they didn’t have any fashion restrictions like women did which was another way society placed limitations upon them then as well.  What exactly can you expect about mourning attire? It largely depends on what one expects from an event such as attending someone who has recently passed away; it could range anywhere from somber colors all the way up to brightly colored outfits depending on how far removed you are relative-wise.


What Are Some Funeral And Cremation Planning Tips?

Over the years, our team has developed the right system to improve the process of funeral planning and grief resources for a funeral. Here are a few tips that you might consider for the best results for your event:

  • Honor the Wishes of the Deceased: You don’t want to live with the regret that you didn’t honor the requests of the deceased. Sometimes, families have the benefit of a funeral plan that was left behind because the person was thoughtful to preplan. Other times, a verbal request is made during the final days of life. Whatever the request, talk to our team so that we can ensure that the person’s wishes are met.
  • Support the Needs of Your Family: At the same time, some needs should be addressed for family members who will be in attendance. The first step is to schedule an event where people can come to pay their respects. Skipping the funeral or memorial service can be a difficult experience because people don’t have an opportunity to find closure in the situation. Additionally, you need to design a program and other funeral features that will support the people in the audience.
  • Design a Respectful Event: Don’t get so caught up in your budget concerns that you cut corners on the services that are important for a respectful event. For instance, there are families who choose the cremation process because of its budget cremation costs and flexible option for the cremated remains. However, you must choose the details that will create a beautiful memory for your family members. This process might include a formal funeral or a casual Celebration of Life if it’s a better fit for your group.
  • Cherish the Memories: Look for ways that you can hold keepsakes and other details from the event. For example, talk to your funeral home about keeping the cards, photos, and pamphlets so that you can create a small memory book about the day.

When you have a trusted funeral home by your side, then you can rest assured to know that you will receive the best funeral planning tips every step of the way. At Thompson Funeral Chapel, we are striving to offer the leading services for funeral and cremation in Peoria, AZ. You will see that we outshine the competition with personalized solutions for every family.


When to Call a Funeral Home

When should you call a funeral home for the services that are needed? If you are facing a situation where immediate services are required, then you shouldn’t delay this phone call. We can guide you through the process of choosing the details that will support the needs of your family.

Another option is to contact us at any point if you are interested in preplanning services. Preplanning reduces the stress on the family when the funeral is scheduled. You can work through the planning details at your convenience and have the peace of mind to know that your affairs are in order.

We are here to help with funeral and cremation services in Peoria, AZ. If you are interested in learning more, then you need to visit Thompson Funeral Chapel: 926 S Litchfield Rd, Goodyear, AZ 85338. Or, call ahead if you would like to schedule a consultation: (623) 932-1780


Funeral & Cremation FAQs

What do funeral homes provide?

A funeral home, funeral parlor, or mortuary is a business that provides burial, funeral services, and cremations for the dead and their families. Many funeral homes have a facility that serves as your all-inclusive arrangement center. Learn more.

What is a memorial garden?

A memorial garden provides a long-lasting tribute to a loved one who has passed away. As well as offers a place for those who are left behind to visit, remember, and heal. The garden can be as small as a single tree or perennial plant or as large as an oversized flowerbed. Learn more.

What does a funeral service worker do?

A funeral service worker is there to assist and guide you through the entire funeral planning process. With their help, your family will have peace of mind that everything is taken care of, and your loved one’s arrangements will be carried out exactly as they would have wanted. Learn more.

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