Cremation services in Phoenix, AZ, are an effective and honorable way for an individual to be laid to rest. There are some circumstances where the person may have wanted to be buried and others who will wish to be scattered. Doing a scattering ceremony can help offer a sense of closure and allow people to heal after the loss, so here are some popular ceremony ideas to incorporate.

Planning the Ceremony

Much like any other event, a scattering ceremony will need to have many details and a plan in place, especially if you involve attendees. The first thing that needs to be decided is where the cremains will be scattered. This could include meaningful or memorable locations for the individual, vacation spots that they enjoyed, or even on their piece of property.

Once you have chosen a scattering location, you can start planning any specific details that you would like to have included, and a few options are:

  • Having an open mic option
  • Including personalized decorations
  • Offering a food or beverage choice
  • Having a bonfire
  • Playing the loved one’s favorite music

Once the details are picked out, you can get your attendee list compiled and let individuals know the time and when the event will take place. One recommendation to consider is if you plan to have the scattering at a public location and want to have a more private event, you will want to schedule the times when fewer people are generally there.

The last consideration is to decide who will be doing the scattering portion of the ceremony. In many cases, many people will be involved in this, so consider this as you plan.

Traditional Scattering Options

Ideas For Personalized Urns 199x300Casting

Casting is the most familiar option for scattering the ashes because they are sent into the wind. One thing to keep in mind with this choice is it is recommended to purchase a scattering tube or urn to ensure the ashes go in the direction you are choosing. One way to enhance this experience is to include a release of doves, paper lanterns, or butterflies to create a truly memorable experience.


Raking Is another popular option edit consists of simply placing the ashes in the ground and breaking them into the earth. One way to help make this more memorable is to have individuals share stories about their loved one as they are adding the ashes to the soil.


Trenching is the last recommendation on this list, and it simply means creating a trench or hole and placing the ashes inside the space. The earth is then either shoveled or raked onto the remains, and music can be played, or a eulogy about the individual can be read simultaneously.

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