Your loved one has passed away. While they didn’t leave any direct plans behind, you know they would have wanted a traditional funeral and burial. You knew them best and you’re pretty sure you know what they would have wanted. You will do everything in your power to get them what they wished, but at the same time, there might be certain circumstances in which you just can’t do what they wanted. Here are a few reasons to turn to cremation services in Phoenix, AZ instead of going with the traditional burial you think your loved one would have preferred.

You Can’t Afford The Funeral

Funerals and burials can cost thousands of dollars. If your loved one didn’t leave much or anything behind to fund it and you are stuck with the price tag, you may simply not be able to afford it. Some people take out loans, but either you aren’t able to do that or don’t feel you can afford those payments, it’s important to know there are options. Of course you want to do what your loved one wanted, but if you simply can’t find a way to do it, cremation is a good option. It’s just as honorable and you can still bury the remains, if you’d like. But it will cost much less and relieve you of some of those cost burdens.

Their Body Is Damaged

If your loved one passed on in a car accident or a fire incident, their remains may be severely damaged. While you could have a funeral and visitation with a closed casket, you might feel more comfortable putting their body through cremation instead to put it out of what feels like further pain. While you know they are gone, it might feel more merciful to cremate them instead of leaving their body as is and damaged.

Transportation Is More Possible

If your loved one was in one city, but really wanted their final services and burial to take place in their hometown, that might mean a cross country trek, or worse. Transporting a casket can be very expensive and, if you use an airline, includes a lot of red tape. While it’s possible, if you feel you can’t handle the logistics, you might have to make a choice. Do you want to bury your loved one elsewhere or do you want to cremate them and bring them to the final resting place they wanted?

Keep in mind that you are doing the best you can. You are not going with cremation services in Phoenix, AZ out of spite or meanness. You are simply doing the best you can with the situation you are stuck within. When facing hard decisions, the professionals at Thompson Funeral Chapel are here for you. While we won’t make decisions for you, once you decide, we will support you in those decisions and we will implement them for you. We’re here to show you the compassion you need during this impossible time.

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