Looking for funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ isn’t exactly as fun as looking for a new home or shopping for a new car, but it’s a necessity that you may have to take on at some point in your life. Many people don’t bother looking for a funeral home until someone in their family passes on. That makes sense, but at the same time, that’s a very stressful time in your life and it can be hard to process things within your mind. You might feel like you are in an emotional fog. It is often a good idea to look at funeral homes before you really need them for a death in your family. For example, you could think about planning your own services and then, you would know what funeral homes are out there and who you would want to use if you needed to plan things for a family member. As you go about making the choice on behalf of your family, here are a few things to ask yourself when you look at various professionals.

How Would My Family Be Treated?

If you approach a funeral home on your behalf, trying to plan your final services, you will also be thinking about your family members and how they will be treated once you pass on. It’s nice to know that the funeral home will welcome them with open arms and give them the compassion and support they need. If you use that funeral home for plans after a family member passes away sometime, that is what you would get as well. You can get a sense for how the representatives treat people as you work with them and ask questions by phone and in person.

Are There Enough Service Options?

You may know what you want for your own final services, but you have no idea what you would do for other family members who may pass on in the future. It’s best to have a funeral home in mind that has a variety of services as options so you can pick and choose based on the person you are planning for. A wide variety means that anyone you need to plan for will likely be covered.

Are The Prices Fair?

You should never work with a funeral home that has prices way above normal. They may be trying to play on your emotions and gouge you. You also don’t want professionals that have rock bottom prices. They might not have the quality services you want and need and they often have a tendency to tack on fees and things later to raise the rates overall. Check the rates carefully and make sure they’re fair.


When you are checking into funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ on behalf of your family and what might happen in the future, it’s important to make the right decisions now so you know just who to call when you need the help in the future. The professionals at Thompson Funeral Chapel would love to be considered.

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