You’re going to feel a lot of emotions when someone you love passes on, but you might also feel overwhelmed if you find yourself in charge of final services and you don’t know what they would have wanted. Sun City, AZ cremation is a valid option, but so is traditional burial. Which way should you go? These are a few situations in which cremation might be the better fit.

The Funds Are Low

If your loved one didn’t leave any funds specifically for their final services, you might feel weird about digging into their other accounts for that cause. Or perhaps they didn’t have much of anything to leave behind and all, creating a burden on your finances. It can be hard to fund a funeral, especially if you weren’t prepared or expecting it to come up at this time. There’s nothing wrong with choosing cremation simply because it’s the lower-cost option of the two disposition methods. It’s perfectly dignified and can really help you afford something that will honor your loved one.

Service Wants Vary

If you have a bigger family, there might be some who want services in Sun City and others who are located in another state who want to do something there. There might be some who really want to have a memorial service while others who just want to have a celebration of life. Family personalities can clash when funeral service plans arise. But when cremation, you have the options available to you to do any number of things. There doesn’t have to be just one plan in place. Family members can have memorial services in two different locations, if they’d like. And they can even have different styles for their services. Cremation gives you the options you want and an endless timeline to work with.

Burial Isn’t Fitting

If you don’t like the idea of burying your loved one, or you’re worried that you’ll bury them and then move out of the area someday, being forced to leave them behind where you can’t really visit, then perhaps burial isn’t a fitting option for you. Cremation allows you to scatter your loved one’s ashes wherever you’d like. Or, you can keep them in an urn, which can easily be moved along with you if you leave the area in the future.

When you are ready to talk about burial or cremation in Sun City, AZ, the professionals at Thompson Funeral Chapel are here to help. Give us a call at (623) 932-1780 and we’ll walk you through any of the options that interest you. You get to make the final decisions for your loved one, but we’re here to ensure you make informed decisions that are best for your family’s situation. You can stop by and see our funeral director at 926 S Litchfield Rd, Goodyear, AZ 85338 and get a full tour of our facilities so you can see if we have the right space for your service needs. We’re here to help you through this difficult time in whatever way you need us.

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