If you know a loved one will pass away or want to start preplanning, you must take the appropriate steps to help save you time and stress at the funeral home in Phoenix, AZ. Because a loss such as a loved one can be confusing and painful, understanding that creating a budget and knowing the individual’s wishes is the first step to efficient funeral planning.

Preplanning the cremation services or funeral options gives you peace of mind knowing that proper documentation is applied. In addition, this helps you see that you or your loved one’s last requests are fulfilled and in place, leaving you knowing you made the best choice for last wishes.

How do I preplan for a funeral?

A few more things to effectively preplan are considering your budget. A typical funeral cost is around $8755.00 per the National Funeral Directors Association, so taking the time to plan and arrange a funding source can save money. In addition, some individuals have higher expenses with health care that cannot be covered with insurance, so prepaying for the costs can help alleviate unexpected costs in the end.
Standard options to help with funding are:

  • payable savings account for the funeral expenses
  • prepayments to the funeral home
  • insurance that covers burial or cremation services costs
  • whole life insurance to provide extra support

Another preplanning recommendation is to ensure you or your loved one are remembered in the way that they wanted to be. For example, do you want your celebration to be colorful or solemn? Where do you want the event to take place? Are there specific songs or religious guidelines you want to be followed?
The last and most important decision is how you or your loved one wants to be laid to rest. One option is a cremation service, or traditional burial is another. Working with an experienced funeral home will help give you a greater perspective on what your options are. Would you like to have a funeral and allow the body to be viewed, or perhaps you want your body to go to scientific research? These questions are vital to have answered, so there is no confusion when the time of loss comes.

Creating Ease for Your Loved Ones is Priority

Having a detailed list of your wishes is imperative to helping those around you with final decisions. Another attractive option is to have your friends or family donate to a favorite charity or cause. Are there any last wishes that need to be fulfilled? These can all be included in your will and shared with the family at the cremation services or funeral home in Phoenix, AZ,

The caring family and friends at Thompson Funeral Chapel, Phoenix, AZ., want you to know we are here to help you with all your preplanning needs. Let us help you ensure the individual’s final wishes are completed, so give us a call and we will be by your side throughout this harrowing process, getting everyone everything they need.

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