There are plenty of ways to make cremation services in Phoenix, AZ unique and memorable. You might think that all cremation services are the same, but that’s not the case. Funerals follow similar patterns, but cremation services don’t always. There are some cremation services that can feel more like funerals and there are others that are completely unique. If you are planning services for an individual who was one of a kind, you want their service to be something that shouts their personality and style. Here are some tips to creating something memorable.

Choose The Right Music

There are certain songs that are common at cremation services, but that doesn’t mean you have to use them. Choosing the right music can make the service feel very unique and just up your loved one’s alley. IF they loved the Beatles, use the album they adored the most. If they liked rock, play some of their favorites. There’s no right or wrong music to use and if you want to use something that spoke to your loved one, so be it. You can also hire musicians to play favorites, if you’d like. It’s a great way to make the service stand out.

Decorate Well

Most funerals utilize flowers as decorations, and you can do that with cremation services as well. But there are other ways you might want to decorate. You could use wildflowers, streamers, balloons, or anything else your loved one would appreciate. You might also want to simply use photographs of them peppered around the room in different states of life so everyone can remember them as they were during those stages. The way the room looks can make a whole different feel for the service.

Service Location

Funerals are limited to funeral homes, churches, or other such places. But cremation services can be held in lots of different locations. You can have a cremation service in a funeral home, but you can also have it in a park, on the beach, in a family home, and anywhere else you can think of. The location itself could be all you need to make the service look and feel memorable and unique. Choose somewhere that was special to your loved one and it will make the service stand out even if everything else you do is along the regular lines.


As you plan cremation services in Phoenix, AZ for a loved one, keep these things in mind and figure out what will make the service honoring to the deceased and special for the family members left behind. Each individual is unique, and you want to remember your loved one in a special way. The professionals at Thompson Funeral Chapel organize final services all the time and we can help you come up with ways to differentiate this cremation service from others you have attended or organized for family members. You want your loved one to get what they deserve and that means honoring services that suit their personality and style.

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