While you know there are trends in the fashion industry and plenty of other industries, did you know that funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ see trends as well? It’s true. While it doesn’t have to do with colors or clothing, so much, there are real trends in the funeral industry. Here are a few that professionals are seeing these past few years.

Having Services At Home

While many families find it more convenient and easier all the way around to have the final services for a loved one at the funeral home, there are lots of individuals who like having the service at home these days. For those who go with cremation, services can be had anywhere. And at-home services can be very personal and intimate. For family groups that fit in the house, it can be very nice.

Green Options

Many individuals are searching for options that are more environmentally friendly, so they leave less of an imprint on the world. While there are debates about it, most people feel that cremation is more friendly to the earth. IT doesn’t put harsh chemicals into the ground, nor does it have to put metal and things that don’t break down into the earth. While it does put carbon emissions out, that is small compared to the things that happen with a traditional burial. There are also green options like a biodegradable urn or even casket and other such things that families are utilizing to be friendly to the earth.

Life Celebrations

While funeral and memorial services are still very popular and moving, celebrations of life are becoming popular as well. Instead of focusing on the end of someone’s life and the sad parts about their death, these events celebrate a life well lived and help to go over happy memories. They can be done in any location and at any time. They can even be unique and include something like a picnic, a ball game, or anything else.

Cremation As A Whole

Cremation has been around for thousands of years, but it has become even more popular in recent decades. In fact, today, it is used in about half of the cases. Experts say that it will probably move up that scale and be utilized up to 80% of the time in future decades.

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While these are some of the trends that funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ see, that doesn’t mean you have to go along with the trends when you are planning your own services, or services for a loved one who has just passed away. Knowing about the trends can help you look through the options and see what’s popular. Then, you can use what you want and figure out what’s best for your family and situation from there. The professionals at Thompson Funeral Chapel are here to help you with those decisions from start to finish. We’ll show you the options and give you the information you need, and you can decide what you want to do after that.

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