If you are trying to decide on your own final services, you have two main options, to start. You could choose a traditional funeral and burial or you could choose cremation services in Phoenix, AZ. Since you are planning in advance, the good news is, you have time on your side. You can think through what you want and even talk to your family. With any luck, one of the services will stand out above the other and you’ll be able to make a confident choice and put the plans into place. Here are a few things you might feel or see that allow you to see that cremation is the most fitting option for your circumstances.

You Want To Pay In Advance And Costs Are Tight

One advantage of planning your services in advance is that you can also pay in advance. IT’s a nice touch because, first, it saves money. Prices are only going to rise as the years go by and by paying now, you get today’s prices instead of whatever they will be in the future. Second, it saves your family the burden of trying to gather funds when the time comes for you to pass on. However, if you want to pay now, that means you need to have the funds in place now. If you don’t have a lot to spare, cremation is a good choice. You can pay a lot less and still get the final services in place that you want.

You Want A Varied Resting Place

If you don’t like the idea of being buried in a casket, you’re not alone. Some people choose cremation just for that reason. Or, perhaps you just have another resting place in mind. You want to be close to family in the home, scattered over a body of water, or placed under a tree in your own backyard. There are lots of options when you choose cremation and it might end up being the best option for you if you want something other than a burial in a cemetery.

You Like Simple

If you didn’t really want your family to throw a huge party for your last milestone birthday, and you prefer things to be simple with less fuss made over you, cremation is a great fit for you. You can have a direct cremation done, which happens soon after death without any services before. You can then ask your family to do something small, like an ash scattering, a small memorial, or something else that is on the small, simple side.

These are just a few things you might think or feel that will lead you to believe that cremation services in Phoenix, AZ is the right fit for your final service plans. If you are ready to move in that direction, contact the professionals at Thompson Funeral Chapel. You can visit us at 926 S Litchfield Rd Goodyear, AZ 85338 and we’re here to answer questions, give us a tour, and help in any way. Or, call (623) 932-1780.

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