When you are planning a funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ., you may not know where to start. Do you choose a cremation or a funeral home service? And how do you follow these events up? Traditionally a memorial service is primarily focused on honoring the person who has passed away.

This service has also been referred to as a celebration of life. This focus is about acknowledging and celebrating the deceased in an environment that is more positive. The event can consist of stories and laughter as family and friends gather together to share favorite memories and offer support.

Memorial services vary in size and are more prone to be smaller, more personal events that could include food, photos, or a toast. The group’s experience coming together can significantly impact the loved ones as they start to process the loss. It offers the opportunity to feel a connection to a community.

What Does a Memorial Service Include?

The service is an opportunity to create a personalized event, so approaching it in an open-minded way can help produce an extraordinary affair. Providing video footage or a photo slide show can be a great tribute, or a table solely devoted to people writing down memories or acknowledgments about the loved one is recommended.

Offering a moment of the event can offer some individuals a physical form of remembrance they can take with them. Planning your event with a mindset of a more relaxed celebration can also promote more healing for those involved.

What do I Need to Consider When Planning a Memorial Service?

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These services can be held in places of worship such as a church or funeral home, but it is really up to the person organizing it. There is an option to have a ceremonial act such as ashes scattering. And since the focus is around the positive aspects of the individual’s life, there are other recommendations to add in such as:

  1. Playing favorite music. Music affects people deeply, and it can be a powerful tool to help in the healing and reminder of the individual.
  2. Start a group prayer or say a poem. It can be healing if a specific quote your loved one had is read or coming up with a short response, such as how they affected you, is shared with the group.
  3. Create a permanent memorial with the group. Allowing people to add their personal touches to the location is a great way to celebrate.
  4. Record the event. This can be in place for those who cannot attend, and it allows you to rewatch it and remember the joys.

Helping you Find the Right Service

Planning a cremation or funeral service in Phoenix, AZ., can be frustrating and difficult. Thompson’s Funeral Chapel wants to make your process an easier one. Our caring expert staff is here to help guide you through the process with understanding and kindness, so please give us a call with any questions or concerns.

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