Trying to pick a gift for someone who’s going through the process of loss might confuse what is appropriate. After the individual’s loved one has passed on and they schedule services with one of the funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ, they may need extra support through the experience, and a gift can be a thoughtful reminder that you are there for them. Finding a meaningful option is essential, so here are some ideas to help.

Gift Boxes

Grief can put an individual into a state of uncertainty because the emotions can fluctuate so heavily, and a food-based gift pack can be a comforting option. Not only can they be personalized with the individual’s favorite foods, but it also helps to nourish them as they are going through the grief process.


Flowers are a traditional option to send to individuals who are in a state of suffering, but because these are not permanent, purchasing a plant like a succulent can be an alternative option. The succulents are low maintenance, and they can come in single and centerpiece style options.

Gift Certificates

When someone is processing grief, it may be more challenging to get regular tasks done until they adjust to the loss, and they may need some extra help around their home or property. Another option is to purchase gift cards for various services such as cleaning or hiring someone to do yard work which can take some of the stress off them as they are going through the experience.

Personalized Garden Items

If the person suffering the loss has a garden, another great suggestion is to purchase a personalized item for the outdoor area. This could be anything from stepping stones with words written in them around the loved one or getting a bird or butterfly feeder that they can enjoy when they are in the area.

Self-Care Kit

At times you may be uncertain of what’s appropriate, so putting together a simple self-care gift box can be a caring gesture. This could consist of items like Epsom salts and lotions to remind them to slow down and take care of themselves.

Online Courses

There are many courses online for healing grief, so this might be another suggestion that could be beneficial. Whether it’s a yoga group or even a subscription to a relaxation app for their phone, these can both be beneficial for helping with healing.


Grief is a natural and healthy process to go through, but it can be helpful to engage in fun and entertaining activities at the same time. Purchasing movie tickets or even getting the person a streaming service to watch movies could offer them a chance to take a break and engage in something they enjoy.

We Don’t Compromise on Quality

Purchasing the right gift is essential, and so are the planned services after an individual passes away. There are multiple funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ, to choose from, and we are a locally owned company that takes great pride in offering all our customers the highest level of quality care on the market. We are here to help, so call us today to schedule an appointment.

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