It’s hard to think about your own final wishes, but when you plan what you’d like to have done with funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ, it takes that burden off your family members. If you really want to make the right choices, use these tips to figure out, with confidence, what you want when the end comes for your life.

Think Through Your Preferences

It might not be immediately obvious to you what you want for your final services. A lot of people haven’t thought about it in the past and they aren’t really sure which direction they want to take. Think through what a funeral or cremation service entails and see if you get a gut feeling to one over the other. There are other reasons to choose one or the other as well. Cost is one of them and cremation usually wins if you have a smaller budget. Or, you might prefer traditions, which would call for a traditional funeral. Once you think through your preferences, you can move on to other details.

Think About Your Loved One’s Needs

Your final service is about you, of course, but it is just as much about your loved ones as they are the ones who will be left behind to mourn and grieve your loss. You will want to think about what you want and what you prefer, but you also want to think about what they need. For example, if you feel your loved ones would need the closure that a visitation could give them, perhaps you’ll want to have a full cremation, which includes a funeral and visitation and is followed by the cremation. Their needs are important to you as well since they are people you deeply care about.

When Are You Paying?

As you think about what you want, both for yourself and your loved ones, you will need to think about how the service costs are going to come together. IF you want to pay in advance in order to remove the cost burdens from your loved one’s laps, you will need to figure out what kind of budget you need to have in place based on what you have available to hand over right now. If you are going to leave the payment for later, you can figure out the final costs and start setting money aside to pay for it when you pass on.


There are lots of things to consider when you pre-plan and consider wat you want for your final services. The professionals at funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ are here to help you with the details from start to finish. We understand this isn’t something everyone has spent a lot of time thinking through just yet, but the experts at Thompson Funeral Chapel can help you look through the options and make the right decisions for your family and your situation. It’s important to look into the future and be prepared for your family’s sake and for your own peace of mind.

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