The bereaved often forget to think about their mental and physical needs after they lose their loved one. Grief counseling is often encouraged at any company providing Sun City, AZ funeral services. With self-care, you not only get to ease the suffering of your mind but also of your spirit and body. Here is all you need to know about self-care after a loss.

Care For Your Emotional And Mental Wellbeing

The first step is to be kind and show respect to yourself. You can practice kindness by encouraging yourself when you feel discouraged and allowing yourself to grieve. Don’t be afraid to experience a mixture of feelings such as confusion, anger, depression, emptiness, and numbness as you grieve. But don’t discourage feelings of happiness, relief, comfort, and other good feelings that may emerge when you are grieving. When everything seems overwhelming you can schedule an activity that brings you joy such as baking, feeding pigeons, going for a walk, and so on.

Talk To Somebody And Express Your Emotions

It is very tempting to lock yourself in a room and not talk to anyone when you lose a loved one. While that may be understandable when the memory of the funeral is still fresh in your mind, you will need to spend time and talk to other people eventually. You don’t have to talk to everyone, just people you trust or willing to listen to your fears and concerns. They should be people you are comfortable with releasing your emotions in their presence. Releasing emotions can mean anything from shading tears to singing and so on. You can also release your emotions in private by painting, journaling, and doing other activities.

Communicate Clearly And Allow Physical Touch

Be clear about your needs when you are grieving. For instance, if you want to be alone, let people know that. Don’t be afraid to say no when someone asks you to do something and you feel you are not in the right mental state. Be open to physical touches such as a simple hug, a soothing arm around, or hand-holding. But you can always say no if you are not comfortable with physical touch.

Grief Has No Timeline

Grieving is a complicated process that is experienced by each person differently. For some people, it only takes them a few days or just a week to get over their grief while for others it can take weeks or months. The best way to deal with grief is to allow yourself to feel the pain. You can also make time to grieve instead of pushing your grief deep down.

Caring For Yourself After A LossExercise And Nutrition When Grieving

It’s not uncommon for people who are grieving to neglect their exercise and nutritional needs. If going to the gym is difficult for you, taking a walk can help alleviate tension and improve your mood. You can also create a meal plan that includes all the essential food groups.

Our funeral home offers Sun City, AZ cremations and funerals and the grief counseling and self-care resources you may need.

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