When you must go to a funeral or need to find cremation services in Phoenix, AZ, you might be wondering how to process the experience you are having. Loss can bring up an array of feelings that require a large amount of energy to work through, so that some suggestions will support sitting with your feelings.

Let the Moment Be What it is

An individual passing away can bring up feelings of wanting to avoid the situation. There may be highly charged experiences, and individuals can act in unpredictable ways depending on their emotions. Staying present with your mind and feelings and avoiding judgment of what you think needs to be happening will help. Seeing the funeral services can be startling for some, so knowing that whatever the experience is, is okay will help.

Allow the Feelings

Some people may look at emotions as scary or unwelcome if they have no experience working with them. This is reason enough to learn to allow the feelings to start understanding what it means to be present with someone. If the individual is not experienced attending a funeral, it may help to let them know you are available for them.

Listen to Your Needs

People’s emotional states are based on their experiences, and if an individual takes the time to sit with their feelings, it helps develop their ability to process and be present with their needs. When you take the time and spend some moments each day listening to what your body is telling you, can lead to a healthier connection to yourself and others.

Witnessing the individual lying in a casket can be startling or disturbing for some, and you may need to remind yourself that it is okay to have the feelings. If someone else is struggling, you may offer your presence and be near them as the service proceeds.

What Does it Mean?

Death can mean various things to whomever you are connecting with. Depending on the individual’s cultural or religious views, the concept and meaning can fluctuate from person to person. If you are consoling someone, it is good to consider their perspectives to find more ways to relate to them and create a connection.

Doing some research or simply asking them what their perceptions are can help supply you with more answers so you can adequately hold space for them as they are grieving. It’s also advisable to mention that it is essential to put aside your view is to understand their experience better.

Taking it One Detail at a Time

Funerals can be a challenging situation to experience if you’ve never been to one. Planning can be even more difficult if you are not prepared for it, so if you are looking for cremation services in Phoenix, AZ, you want a dependable company you can trust. Thompson Funeral Chapel understands the significance of a loss of a loved one. We are here to help, so give us a call today to get started.

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