Most families have a lot of traditions, though not everyone will follow them. When someone in your family passes on, you might be used to having a traditional funeral followed by a burial. But if someone dies and requests to have Avondale, AZ cremation instead, you might wonder why. The customs in your family are to go with a traditional funeral. Why did that person want differently? If they didn’t explain it to anyone before they passed on, all you have are educated guests. Here are a few reasons why many people choose cremation instead of traditional burial. One of them might fit your loved one’s thoughts.

The Simplicity Of Cremation

Cremation is a simple disposition method that can take place relatively soon after death, once the paperwork is in order. There doesn’t have to be a viewing or a funeral or burial service. There can be memorial services of many different kinds, but those are optional as well. The whole method is simple and dignified and perhaps that’s just what your loved one wanted.

The Smaller Costs

If your loved one pre-planned their services and planned for cremation, it could be because that method costs less than a traditional burial. Maybe they wanted to pre-pay for the services as well and couldn’t afford a larger affair. Or perhaps they didn’t want family to be burdened with large costs when the time came. Either way, cremation is always going to cost less than a traditional burial, even if the burial is rather simple.

The Versatile Resting Place Options

With traditional burial, caskets have to be placed in the ground and buried and that’s that. With cremation, there are other options. Maybe your loved one is requesting an ask scattering over a body of water or on special land. Perhaps they would like for family members to keep their urn within their home. These options are only possible with cremation and if they specified a unique final resting place, that might be the whole reason for the cremation in the first place.

Even if your family has only ever had traditional burials in the past, there’s certainly nothing wrong with the cremation method. Both dispositions are completely dignified and respectful. When a loved one has asked for Avondale, AZ cremation, you may not always have the full reasoning behind their thoughts. But if that is what they wanted, most people feel good about respecting those wishes. If you’re ready to move forward with your loved one’s plans, contact

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